#yoga  Jun 7, 2023

Celebrate the International Yoga Day 2023 With MyYogaTeacher - FREE Sessions for All!

Another exciting annual celebration is coming! The MyYogaTeacher team has prepared 4 days of really beautiful classes – free to you – in honor of Inte...

  May 9, 2023

Yoga for IBS: Poses and Practices for Symptom Management

Do you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)? This common gastrointestinal disorder affects millions of people worldwide and can cause discomfort...

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  May 9, 2023

Yoga for COPD: Poses and Practices for Symptom Management

If you or someone you know is living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), then you understand how difficult it can be to manage the symp...

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Yoga Teachers From India

Find out how it works

  May 9, 2023

Yoga for Parkinson's: Poses and Practices for Balance and Mobility

Yoga is a popular form of exercise that offers a range of physical and mental benefits, including improved balance and mobility. For people with Parki...

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  May 8, 2023

Yoga for Depression: Poses and Practices for Mood Regulation

Living with depression can be challenging and can make it difficult to carry out daily tasks. While medication and therapy are common treatment option...

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#fitness  Apr 17, 2023

Yoga for Sore Legs: 5 Simple Poses to Soothe and Energize!

You know the feeling, after a long bike ride, hike, or running a marathon — sore legs that seem like they can’t even move. Whether you’re a runner, cy...

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#fitness  Apr 11, 2023

10 Yoga Poses to Enhance Wellness for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. It can cause a range of symptoms, including fatigue, ...

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#fitness  Apr 6, 2023

Yoga for Carpal Tunnel: Top 10 Yoga Poses, Benefits, FAQs

Do you ever experience pain or tingling in your hands and fingers? It could be carpal tunnel syndrome, a common condition that affects many people who...

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#fitness  Mar 17, 2023

8 Easy Yoga Poses for Improved Blood Circulation

Do you often feel cold or numb fingers and toes, swelling, weakness, or a tingling sensation in your extremities? You might have poor blood circulatio...

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#yoga  Sep 14, 2022

How to Start Doing Yoga at Home

There are lots of reasons for doing yoga at home instead of a yoga studio, some of which include distance, busy schedules, kids, financial concerns, a...

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#meditation  Sep 8, 2022

11 Morning Ayurvedic Rituals to Start Practicing Now

How you spend your morning can have a huge impact on the rest of your day, dictating your mood, focus, and energy level throughout. In those early hou...

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#yoga  Sep 1, 2022

What is Ayurveda? How can Ayurveda enhance your Yoga practice ?

What is Ayurveda?In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “science of life”Ayurveda is one of the oldest known medical practices with roots based in India. It’...

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#anxiety  Aug 30, 2022

Yoga Nidra for Sleep

Take Charge of Your Sleep Cycle with this Meditation PracticeNot sleeping very well? If you’re having trouble with your sleep cycle, you’re not alon...

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#yoga  Apr 21, 2023

Yoga for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: 10 Easy Yoga Poses for Energy Restoration

Are you tired of feeling tired all the time? You're not alone. Chronic fatigue syndrome affects millions of people around the world, leaving them feel...

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#yoga  Apr 21, 2023

Yoga for Seniors: Poses and Practices for Balance and Fall Prevention

As we age, our bodies change and become more susceptible to falls and injuries. However, practicing yoga can help seniors improve their balance, flexi...

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#yoga  Apr 21, 2023

10 Gentle Yoga Poses for Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast cancer is a disease that affects millions of women every year. It can be a devastating diagnosis, but there is hope for those who have survived...

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#yoga  Apr 20, 2023

Yoga for Digestion: 8 Yoga Poses to Relieve Constipation

Feeling a bit backed up? Constipation is a common problem that nearly everyone experiences in their lives. It can involve unpleasant symptoms, like in...

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#therapy  Jul 21, 2022

The Not-So-Secret Benefits of Sound Healing: When Music is Medicine

It’s no secret that music is old, ancient in fact. Humans have been making and listening to music for millenia…thousands of years. While the origi...

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#anxiety  Jul 6, 2022

How Kundalini Yoga Helps You Break Bad Habits for Good

You have the power to break bad habits. Whether you feel like you do or not, you have the power inside you to make any changes you want in yoursel...

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#anxiety  Apr 20, 2022

The Science Behind How Yoga Nidra Affects Your Mental Health

As the prevalence of anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders continue to rise, worldwide, it’s becoming more and more obvious that many (if no...

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#anxiety  Nov 15, 2021

The Benefits of Humming Bee Breath: Tell Anxiety to Buzz Off

Yogic breathing is an important part of any meditation or yoga practice. Breath is life, and all the different forms of breath work are helpful for ou...

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Pain Management

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#painmanagement  May 1, 2023

5 Easy Yoga Poses for Cancer Patients: A Beginner's Guide

Yoga can be a healing journey for anyone who takes up the practice, and this is especially true for cancer patients. If you’re battling cancer, there ...

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#painmanagement  Apr 21, 2023

10 Beginner's Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain is a common ailment affecting people of all ages and can be caused by a variety of factors such as poor posture, sedentary lifestyle, ...

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#painmanagement  Mar 30, 2023

Women's Guide to Yoga for Knee Pain

Have you been experiencing knee pain lately? It's not uncommon, especially for women. Knee pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including injur...

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#painmanagement  Mar 28, 2023

Discover the Power of Face Yoga: A Natural Way to Look and Feel Younger

Are you looking for a natural and fun way to look and feel younger? If so, you might want to give Face Yoga a try! This trend is becoming increasingly...

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Mental Health

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#mentalhealth  Apr 28, 2023

Yoga for Migraine Relief: 8 Yoga Poses and Practices That Work

Migraines are a common and debilitating condition that can greatly impact a person's quality of life. Symptoms can include intense headaches, nausea, ...

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#mentalhealth  Mar 14, 2023

How Yoga Can Help Overcoming Addiction and Bad Habits

Are you struggling with addiction or bad habits that are holding you back from living your best life? You're not alone. Many people find themselves tr...

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#mentalhealth  Oct 4, 2022

Announcing MyYogaTeacher’s First Mental Health Awareness Event: Making Mental Health a Global Priority

You’re invited!Mental health conditions are increasing worldwide. Approximately 13% of the world’s population suffers from some kind of mental healt...

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#emotionalhealth  Jul 8, 2022

The Power of Ancient Pranayama and Meditation Therapy

Are you familiar with the term pranayama? If you practice yoga in a western yoga studio or only use yoga as a physical practice to strengthen, tone, a...

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Emotional Health

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#emotionalhealth  Mar 27, 2023

5 Simple Yoga Poses to Relieve Emotional Stress and Boost Mood

For every individual, the experience of emotional stress is unique. It may involve feelings of overwhelm, hopelessness, or just plain fear. Emotional ...

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#emotionalhealth  Feb 9, 2023

Yoga for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Feelings of overwhelm, stress, depression, and intense anxiety are just a few of the common symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Brought...

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#emotionalhealth  Feb 6, 2023

Myofascial Release Yoga: Improving the Connections Within Your Body

It’s easy to think that symptoms of soreness, stiffness, and lack of mobility in your body is simply an issue solely related to muscles. But there are...

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#emotionalhealth  Jan 5, 2023

Yoga for Seasonal Affective Disorder

When the fall months of October and November transition to winter, do you start feeling a bit down? Do you often struggle to feel positive and motivat...

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Weight Loss

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#fitness  Oct 9, 2021

The Ayurvedic Diet: Why There is No Such Thing as a Bad Food

Ayurvedic medicine has existed for literally thousands of years. If you’re not familiar with it, Ayurveda medicine is a whole-body, holistic practice ...

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#fitness  Mar 11, 2021

5 Ways Yoga for Weight Loss Works for Every Body

Yoga may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to losing weight. If you’re overweight and you want to drop those pounds ASAP, your ...

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#weightloss  May 12, 2020

The sequel of my weight-loss story started in 2011

The landscape had been treacherous, marred by some very steep trails and some very long plateaus. I had tried every quick-fix in the book that promise...

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#meditation  Oct 24, 2021

5 Proven Ways Meditation Positively Affects Brain Behavior

Meditation and brain studies have been around, and increasing, for a number of years now. And new studies are consistently revealing more and more inc...

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#anxiety  Jul 8, 2021

10 Things You Should Know Before You Start Meditating

We all want that experience that experienced meditators talk about.That magical time when you’re totally and completely relaxed and in a sort of eup...

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#anxiety  Jul 1, 2021

Five Ways Meditation Can Start Improving Your Life Right Now

Whether you’re into yoga or not, I’m fairly certain you’ve at least heard of meditation. It’s one of the (oldest) new ways to improve your life. And...

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#therapy  Jun 17, 2021

What Is Yoga Nidra: Deep Relaxation to Combat Insomnia and Improve Overall Health

What Is Yoga Nidra?Yoga Nidra is a meditation that guides you to conscious awareness of your body for deep relaxation. Despite sometimes being refer...

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#restorative  Jun 24, 2022

Yoga for Sleep: How Yoga Helps You Get Your Zzzzz’s

There is a lot of controversy on how much sleep the human body needs to survive and thrive. Short 4-hour bursts or a full 8 hours? Are cat naps ok? Wh...

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#therapy  Nov 24, 2021

4 Secrets of How Yoga Prevents Spinal Deterioration As You Age

It should come as no surprise to you that joints and bones deteriorate as we age. Mainstream media would have us think that we can look and feel etern...

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#yoga  Nov 10, 2021

Yoga For Your Complexion: Reduce Acne, Pigmentation, and Dull Skin With These Moves

Let’s be clear. Some forms of skin pigmentation are due to genetics and hereditary factors. And wrinkles are a natural sign of aging. There is abs...

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#therapy  Aug 26, 2021

Improving Lung Function: How Yogic Breathing Helps Asthmatics

With the quality of our air decreasing due to climate change, continued use of air pollutants, and worldwide wildfires, breathing can be difficult (ev...

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Yoga Teacher Training

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#yogateachertraining  Mar 27, 2023

A Beginner's Guide to Yoga for Boosting Energy and Vitality

Feeling tired, unmotivated, and having trouble sleeping? These are just some of the symptoms of low or decreased energy levels. Experiencing a deficie...

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#yogateachertraining  Feb 15, 2023

Unlock the Power of Indian Yoga with a Certified Indian Yoga Instructor!

Have you ever wanted to experience all the amazing benefits of practicing yoga? If so, there’s no better way to do it than by taking part in an Indian...

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#yoga  Apr 7, 2021

Yoga Philosophy: Exploring Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

Yoga is a belief system that promotes mindfulness through a mix of movement and meditation. As yoga's popularity has grown around the world, there's b...

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#yoga  Jan 20, 2021

7 Things To Look For in Your Next Yoga Teacher Training

Community ExperienceQuality of TeachersWell rounded CurriculumYoga Alliance CertificationSchedule & LocationType of TTC: 200-hr, 300-hr, 500...

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#workshops  Sep 22, 2022

Reproductive Rights for Women Yoga Workshop - Supporting Women Through Yoga

Announcing MyYogaTeacher’s first ever Reproductive Rights for Women Yoga Workshop!Here at MyYogaTeacher, we believe in the wisdom of women to make t...

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Yoga Poses

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#yogaposes  May 1, 2023

Yoga for Your Pelvic Bowl: 8 Poses and Practices for Improved Health

Your pelvic bowl is a complex structure that holds the rest of your body together. It’s made up of various muscles, ligaments and bones, and when this...

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#yogaposes  Apr 28, 2023

Yoga for Digestion During Pregnancy: Poses and Practices for Comfort

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey that comes with its own set of challenges. Digestive issues are common during pregnancy due to various hormonal chang...

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#yogaposes  Apr 28, 2023

Yoga for Athletes: Poses and Practices for Balance and Injury Prevention

Are you an athlete looking to improve your performance and prevent injuries? You might want to consider incorporating yoga into your training routine....

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#yogaposes  Apr 21, 2023

Yoga for Teenagers: Building Strength and Flexibility Safely

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India thousands of years ago. It has since spread all over the world and has become increasingly popula...

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#myyogateacher  Mar 21, 2023

Celebrating Women: Yoga for Women’s Health

Don’t miss our free Yoga for Women’s Health Event March 28-30!This month is all about celebrating women and promoting women’s health! The Yoga for...

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#myyogateacher  Feb 21, 2023

Embrace Your Feminine Energy: Celebrating International Women’s Day

Announcing our free International Women’s Day Event March 8!Discover and better understand the power of Shakti, your divine feminine energy, can b...

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#myyogateacher  Feb 17, 2023

New Feature: Invite Friends to Your 1-on-1 Yoga Sessions with MyYogaTeacher!

New Feature: Invite Friends to Your 1-on-1 Yoga Sessions with MyYogaTeacher!Have you ever wished you could share your yoga journey with a friend? Or...

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#myyogateacher  Jan 27, 2023

Self Love Yoga & Meditation Event: Empower Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Announcing our free Self Love Event February 13-14! Embrace yourself and practice self love this Valentine’s Day and every day with the help of My...

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