11 Morning Ayurvedic Rituals to Start Practicing Now




How you spend your morning can have a huge impact on the rest of your day, dictating your mood, focus, and energy level throughout. In those early hours after waking up, you’re setting the stage for how the next 12-18 hours of your life will go — so why not set yourself up for success? By creating a healthy morning routine, you can provide an easy way to hack your mind and body, and make each day the best ever.

The ancient Ayurvedic yogi tradition provides an actual road map to guide you through a morning ritual that not only prepares your body for the rest of your day, but it establishes grounding, self-care habits that will help you be the best version of you. And once you start making a daily routine of certain Ayurvedic rituals, you’ll start noticing their cumulative effects in just a few weeks. Your skin will look healthier, you’ll have more energy throughout your day, and you’ll experience better focus and balance overall. 

Ayurvedic Rituals to Improve Your Life

You don’t have to be an advanced yogi to start incorporating Ayurvedic rituals into your daily life. Even if you’ve never heard of Ayurveda practice before, you can still use some of the most basic techniques to improve your day-to-day habits and develop a healthy lifestyle. By integrating Ayurveda into your every day, you can start enjoying the benefits of this ancient wisdom.

Here are 11 Ayurvedic rituals to help you jump start your day:

1. Wake before sunrise

Ayurvedic wisdom states that the best time to wake up every morning is an hour or two before sunrise, synchronizing your day with the sun and establishing a circadian rhythm for your body. Depending on the time of year, that usually means around 6 a.m. If you’re worried about feeling tired after getting out of bed that early, you shouldn’t — according to Ayurveda, waking after the sun rises is what will cause you to feel sluggish. However, it’s more important to allow yourself adequate sleep, so if you can’t wake up that early, try making it a habit out of waking up at the same time every day.

2. Drink water

The first thing your body needs in the morning is water, and you should drink it warm. Try adding some ginger or lemon with honey to help activate and flush your digestive organs. Drinking water after getting out of bed also hydrates your body after a night’s rest, and gives your skin a healthy morning glow. 

3. Clean your face and sinuses

Did you know that splashing water on your face is an Ayurvedic ritual? Rejuvenate yourself physically and mentally by splashing your face with water a recommended seven times to follow this simple custom. Take it a step further and give your sinuses a rinse with Neti Pot for a complete refresh.

Clean your face and sinuses

4. Scrape your tongue

After a full night of sleep, our tongues are coated with Ama, according to Ayurvedic doctrine. By using a tongue scraper to remove Ama from your tongue, you’re getting rid of accumulated bacteria and helping to kickstart your digestion. It also helps improve your breath and prevents tooth decay.

5. Oil pulling

While you’re taking care of your oral hygiene, try incorporating the Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling into your routine. Simply swirl a spoonful of oil in your mouth for about 10-20 minutes. Make sure you do this before eating on a completely empty stomach. You can use coconut, sunflower, or avocado oil.

6. Clear your digestive system

Ayurvedic wisdom tells us that it’s important to have regular bowel movements throughout the day, including one in the morning. This is essential to our health and for setting ourselves up to maintain good energy throughout the day. That glass of lukewarm water along with a healthy diet is key to making a bowel movement a regular morning routine.

7. Stretch, breathe, meditate

Giving your mind and body a chance to gently wake up is the kind of self-care that Ayurvedic wisdom promotes, with a prescription for a morning yoga and meditation routine designed to give you an optimal start. First, start with a some easy stretching. A few rounds of Sun Salutation asanas are a simple flow sequence that will activate your muscles and get the blood moving throughout your body. Next, practice pranayama, or breath work. Use whatever technique feels right for you in the moment. Follow up with a meditation session to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the day.

Stretch, breathe, meditate

8. Give yourself a massage

A good Ayurvedic morning routine is meant to wake your body up through activation of all of your senses, and with a morning massage, you can help relax your muscles and open up your body’s energy channels. Use warm oil to massage your body, including your legs, arms, face, head, shoulders, etc., to rejuvenate your body and skin, and energize your spirit. In Ayurveda medicine, this practice is called Self-Abhyanga, and it’s considered to be an effective self-balancing technique.

9. Take a bath

This Ayurvedic ritual will help cleanse your pores, relax your mind and body, and hydrate your skin — giving you that glowing, yogi radiance throughout the rest of your day. Try adding milk, essential oils, herbs, and/or flower petals to your bath for that extra dose of self-care. Make sure to use natural soap and avoid any bath products that contain chemicals. Rinse yourself after under a warm shower.

10. Drink some tea

Treat yourself to some herbal tea of your choosing in the morning, or keep it light with hot water and lemon. Make a ritual out of the task of making the tea, remaining present through each part of the process, and allowing yourself a quiet moment to relax and sip your brew. Try keeping that meditative stillness here that you’ve cultivated throughout your morning, and mindfully establish an intention for your day. You can also choose this time to write some notes in your journal, or read some inspiring words from your favorite guru or teacher.

11. Eat Breakfast

Eating three, balanced meals every day is a part of the Ayurvedic way of living, and part of a perfect morning routine is making sure you eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. Keep it light and healthy, with foods that nourish your body and fuel your digestive system. Try starting your day with a morning smoothie, granola, yogurt, or some fruit.

Eat Breakfast

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