Using Yoga for Healing in Times of Conflict




With the US government’s reversal of Roe vs. Wade, women worldwide are hurting. The United States has now entered a community of 24 other countries around the world that completely prohibits abortion. Whether you agree with this decision or not, is not the purpose of this article. 

MyYogaTeacher strives to be sensitive to the needs of yogis everywhere, but particularly during times of conflict.

Whether you are rejoicing in the US government’s bold decision or you are mourning, there is still conflict. Conflict between government and citizens. Conflict between religions. Conflict between friends and family members who have differing views.

So much conflict.

We are here to help you heal in your time of need! Yoga has been used for centuries, millenia even, to heal physical, mental, and emotional wounds. 

And this is the purpose of this article. To guide you in all the ways yoga can heal during times of conflict.

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In the meantime, let us talk about how yoga provides the healing that so many people worldwide need, especially now.


Yoga opens space for healing

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we tend to swallow our emotions. We set them aside to deal with later (or not) so that we can function the way we need to on a day to day basis. Until there’s a better time and place to process those emotions. Except so often, that better time and place never arises.

Through a consistent yoga practice, you have time to give yourself permission to feel, to process, to meditate on that which causes you strife. Yoga gives you time to make space for that.

Meditation is a huge part of yoga, even if you only participate in the physical practice of yoga. Every yoga session is a form of meditation.

Through meditation and breath work, our bodies naturally release tension, stress, and anxiety. Our mind is made clearer and our thoughts more reflective.

Our body releases hormones that make us feel better, happier, more peaceful. Our muscles relax, releasing us from physical pain and tension.

And we are allowed to feel all the feelings. That is the beginning of healing.


Yoga grounds us

When conflicts arise and life is stressful, it is so easy to lose touch with reality. Suddenly, a situation seems more terrible and scary than it is. We begin to focus more on the negative aspects of our lives.

We detach further and further from the good in the world.

There is a saying. If you look for the negative, you’ll find it. It’s everywhere. The same is true for the positive.

Practicing yoga grounds us. It helps us not only see the good in ourselves but also others. Yoga helps us change our focus and be present in the moment. From there, we can more easily see that not every moment is bad. Not every moment is full of conflict, stress, strife. 

Focusing inward through yoga helps us live our best lives and be our best selves in each individual moment. That’s not only healing for us, but us being present and grounded heals others!

Yoga and meditation help us connect

Studies have shown that human connection and connection to nature both provide internal and external healing. Every time you enjoy nature or spend quality time with the humans in your life that you care about and love, you are healing your body mentally, emotionally, and physically!

While yoga and meditation is a very individual, unique experience for each yogi because you discover (or rediscover) your connection to self, yoga provides human connection as well.

And if you practice outside, you are also connected to nature!

Often, during conflict, our instinct is to retreat. To hide away or “sweep it under the carpet.” This is not healthy and only leads to a deeper dive into reclusivity, anger, resentment, and hatred. Those are heavy emotions to carry around and only prove to hurt us.

A regular yoga and meditation practice not only helps us stay connected to our highest self, it connects us to others. From your yoga instructor, to other yogis in your class, to friends and family, yoga is a way to help us stay connected, work through conflict, and heal.

Any time we are hurting, we are never in a place to help others. We are not in a place to create change in ourselves or the world if we do not make time to heal ourselves in healthy ways. When we respond out of fear, anger, resentment, and/or hatred, we are inviting more of the same. More darkness.

True yoga, beyond just a healthy body, helps us to build a world based on love and compassion - not dominance, force and fear.

True yoga evokes change in ways we need individually and in the world.

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