How Kundalini Yoga Helps You Break Bad Habits for Good




You have the power to break bad habits. Whether you feel like you do or not, you have the power inside you to make any changes you want in yourself!

Willpower is the main source of drive for most people trying to break bad habits.

Unfortunately, for most of us, the strength of our willpower ebbs and flows with the ups and downs in our lives! A bad day may lead to emotional eating. A stressful situation may lead to resuming something like smoking. Celebratory occasions may prompt someone who is trying to quit drinking to have “just one drink.” 

You’re not weak when you “fall off the wagon” from breaking whatever bad habit you’ve been working on breaking. You’re normal.

The secret of breaking bad habits is to be able to control your physical, mental, and emotional self no matter the ebbs and flows of life. So that the willpower you rely on to help you break bad habits is more stable and not subject to change on a whim.

Yoga helps you break bad habits for sure! You certainly have more control over your emotions, better self awareness, a healthier mindset, and more harmony in your life. However, kundalini yoga specifically helps strengthen intuition and willpower.

Several of our expert and experienced yoga teachers at MyYogaTeacher focus specifically on teaching kundalini yoga! They understand that many people struggle with breaking bad habits and creating positive changes in their lives that last and want to help their students do just that.

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Let’s talk about how kundalini yoga will help you break bad habits now and in the future (and permanently)


Kundalini yoga and meditation focuses on repetitive behaviors

In the physical aspect of a kundalini yoga practice, you’ll not only repeat asanas, but you’ll also hold poses for longer periods of time. Sometimes even up to five minutes!

Developing the mental and physical fortitude that is required to repeat poses in a structured flow on a regular basis is an excellent way to teach yourself how to kick bad habits and replace them with healthier ones.

By committing to these repetitive movements, you are training your mind and entire nervous system to resist the temptation to give up. This is an important aspect to breaking bad habits and building new ones.

Remember, breaking a bad habit isn’t just about ending a cycle of negative repetitive behaviors. It’s also about creating a cycle of positive ones!

Additionally, there is always a meditative aspect to any traditional kundalini yoga practice, where you will learn chants, repeat chants, and learn breathing techniques you’ll use in times of stress, emotional upheaval, and/or when you’re feeling tempted to cave to whatever habit you’re trying to break.

Which leads us to…


Kundalini yoga improves your mood

Have you ever noticed if you’re going to give into temptation, most of the time, it’s when you’re sad, mad, anxious, depressed, or stressed? Yes, of course we cave at celebrations too or at events when we’re happy. 

But we are certainly more inclined to stick to our guns when we’re in a good mood, feeling good about ourselves, or feeling accomplished.

A regular kundalini yoga practice entails a very spiritual (not religious) meditation and includes several different types of breathwork. Both of these aspects of yoga have been proven by scientific research to reduce stress and improve, or even eliminate, feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, and frustration. The reduction of negative emotions and the improvement of mental and emotional health are part of what makes kundalini yoga perfect for helping people stop bad habits for good!


Kundalini yoga requires physical and mental strength

When you think about ending bad habits for good, maybe doing something that you know requires significant effort to help you do so isn’t the first thing you think about. Because why take something hard like breaking a bad habit and make it harder, right?


Part of the reason people struggle with permanently changing their habits is because they haven’t “exercised” the part of themselves that are needed to make the change for good. You don’t make physical changes without changing your diet or physical activity levels. And those changes aren’t maintained if you quit doing the things you did to make the change to begin with.

It is the same for breaking bad habits! Kundalini yoga and meditation is a tool to keep your physical, mental, and emotional health strong so that you are more easily able to not just break one bad habit, but any that you want to. 

Kundalini yoga requires you to use physical and mental strength and helps you maintain and grow in the areas you need to grow so you can create permanent positive changes in your life.


Many find kundalini yoga and meditation challenging, but they also walk away from their practice enlightened, strengthened, more relaxed, and prepared to live presently and positively in their life.

At MyYogaTeacher, there are many amazing and experienced yoga instructors who work with yogis every single day on how to break bad habits. Many are experts in kundalini yoga and meditation and guide MyYogaTeacher students in this very special type of practice.

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