New Feature: Invite Friends to Your 1-on-1 Yoga Sessions with MyYogaTeacher!




New Feature: Invite Friends to Your 1-on-1 Yoga Sessions with MyYogaTeacher!

Have you ever wished you could share your yoga journey with a friend? Or maybe you've wanted to introduce someone to the benefits of practicing yoga but felt like a traditional class setting wasn't the right fit? Well, we've got some exciting news for you!

MyYogaTeacher is thrilled to announce that you can now invite a friend to join you in your 1-on-1 sessions! We've listened to your feedback and realized that having a friend by your side during your yoga practice can enhance the experience in so many ways.

You and your friend(s) can now practice yoga together while still receiving the personalized attention that you deserve. This new feature is designed to make your yoga practice more enjoyable, interactive and social. Whether you're looking to catch up with an old friend or share your love of yoga with someone new, we’ve got you covered.

How Does It Work?

Invite Friends 1-on-1 sessions

Once you've booked your 1-on-1 session, simply click on the "invite a friend" button. You can either share a link directly or send an invite via email. Your friend will receive a message with all the details of the session, including the date and time, your teacher's name and a link to join the session. It's that simple!

You can invite as many friends as you want, and as often as you like. There's no limit to the number of friends you can invite to your session, with an additional cost of just $5 for each extra person who joins your session. 

Why Share Your Yoga Practice with Friends?

Yoga is a practice that can bring people together in a unique and meaningful way. When you share your yoga practice with friends, you're not only doing something good for yourself, but you're also sharing a special moment with someone else. Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy when you invite friends to join you in your sessions:

Enhanced Connection: 

By practicing yoga together, you and your friends can deepen your connection and bond through a shared experience. It's a great way to connect with each other and spend quality time together, even if you're physically apart.

More Fun:

 Let's be honest, yoga can be intense sometimes. However, when you practice with friends, you can laugh, chat and have fun during breaks or even during the session. This can make your yoga practice more relaxed and enjoyable, while helping you stay focused and motivated.

Support and Encouragement:

When you're practicing yoga with friends, you have the support and encouragement of those around you. This can help you push yourself further and achieve new goals, both on and off the mat.

Personalized Attention:

Although you'll be practicing with friends, you'll still receive the same personalized attention from your teacher. They'll be able to provide individualized guidance and modifications, ensuring that everyone gets the most out of the session.

Our mission is to make yoga accessible and convenient for everyone, no matter where you are or what your schedule looks like. With our new feature, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds, by combining the convenience and personal attention of 1-on-1 sessions with the social and interactive experience of practicing with friends.

So, go ahead and invite a friend to join you on your next 1-on-1 session and experience the benefits for yourself! As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to support you in your practice.

Enjoy your personalized yoga sessions with friends! 

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