Yoga For Hypertension: 5 Yoga Asanas to Lower Your Blood Pressure




Hypertension or high blood pressure is a common condition that can affect your arteries. Nearly one in three people experience hypertension each year. Since yoga is great for calming the body, it’s great to help you regulate your blood pressure. A regular yoga practice is shown to lower blood pressure naturally over time. According to Yoga Journal, A recent study tested the use of yoga three times a week for people being treated for high blood pressure. The results showed those who practiced yoga experienced a significant reduction in their blood pressure compared to those who did not. Ready to add yoga into your routine to balance your health? Join us for a class on our online platform!

Why is Yoga Good for People with Hypertension?

Because we practice deep breathing in yoga, and we give the body permission to “slow down”, our blood pressure will lower while we’re on our mat and long after. While yoga makes us more flexible in life and our body, the same goes for our arteries. Yoga will make our blood vessels more flexible which lowers your risk of hypertension as well as long term effects. If you’re looking to reduce meds and try something more natural, a regular yoga practice is shown to reduce blood pressure by about three to five points.

5 Yoga Asanas to Lower Blood Pressure

1. Child's Pose (Balasana)

Child_s pose.jpg

This relaxing asana provides a chance to slow down and breathe deeply while also releasing stress and tension from the hips and back. 

2. Bound angle (Baddha Konasana)


This hip opener helps with blood flow by increasing circulation.

3. Seated forward fold (Paschimottanasana)


This pose promotes calmness as all forward bends because your spine controls your body’s nervous system. 

4. Bridge pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

bridge (2).jpg

This powerhouse pose regulates blood pressure as well as opening the lungs and your heart chamber. 

5. Corpse Pose (Savasana)


Never skip this resting pose. After a long day of our busy lives, savasana gives us the opportunity to slow down, breath deep and release all our tension and stress. 

Other Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

  1. Ayurveda, an alternative medicine system that’s closely related to yoga suggest lifestyle changes to improve hypertension. Some of which include waking up with the sun, morning movement (like a walk or yoga), gargling warm water and sesame oil, and different combinations of herbs like thyme, ginger and garlic  you can add to your meals. 

  2. Cut back on “bad habits”. Reduce your salt intake, limit your alcohol and quit smoking.

  3. Be conscious of your rest time. Getting a good night’s sleep can help lower your blood pressure. Aim for a bedtime and try to keep your sleep on track

  4. Practice breathwork (pranayama) to reduce stress.You cannot control the world around you, but you can always control your breathing. Adding breathwork practices into your day can help you lower your blood pressure and remain calm in stressful situations. Sukha Pranayama is the breath practice most commonly used with patients with hypertension.  “To perform this pranayama, sit with the eyes closed and spine straight as in padmasana or sukhasana. After a few normal breaths, inhale slowly for six counts, hold for six counts, exhale slowly for six counts and hold the breath for six counts. This is one round. Complete six to nine rounds then relax for at least five minutes.”-Yogapedia 

What type of yoga should I take to balance my blood pressure?

When choosing a class to take, you want to pick the right class for your condition. These styles will help you slow down your breath and calm the body so you can reduce anxiety to lower your blood pressure naturally. Join us for class to relax and restore.

  1. Gentle Yoga. In this class you’ll move slowly through asanas taking time for meditation and breathwork. 

  2. Restorative. This class is great for anyone suffering from any chronic pain or illness. With the help of props, you will hold 4-6 poses throughout the practice which will reduce stress, pain and fatigue. 

  3. Total body Yin. This slow meditative practice is a great way to reset and restore. Need an escape from the mundane? Try this class if you’re looking to take a journey on your mat. 

Studies show just 10 minutes of deep breathing can reduce your blood pressure. So grab your mat and join us for a class! The benefits will be long lasting! Ready to get started? Grab your free two week trial now & join us for hundreds of classes, 1-on-1 sessions events and mor

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