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Crush Your Goals! How Yoga and Meditation Help You Stay Accountable




It’s never too late to start working on or complete your goals!

Whether it is January 1 or December 31, here at MyYogaTeacher, we believe every single baby step towards your goals is important, but when you start walking towards them isn’t. And there’s always time enough to start and finish because life isn’t truly defined by dates.

Numerous studies have shown that a consistent yoga and meditation practice improves your life. We get a lot of feedback from our members that definitely verifies that!

But do yoga and meditation actually help you stay accountable to your fitness, career, and life goals? The answer is yes! Absolutely.

That’s exactly what we’re going to be discussing here today!

If you need help crushing your goals today or any other time of the year and already know or feel like yoga and meditation can help you accomplish them, we invite you to try MyYoga Teacher! MYT offers over 35 classes of different varieties, all taught by experienced, expert yoga instructors from the birthplace of yoga, India. Scoop up your 2-week free trial here and check it out!

Now, take a look at how yoga and meditation help you stay accountable and crush your goals!


Yoga and meditation help you set goals

Almost every yoga practice begins with the instructor encouraging you to set an intention for your practice. During your practice, you meditate on that intention or intentions.

If you practice yoga on your own – without an instructor – you probably already do this. But did you know that setting intentions is a good practice in goal setting?

Setting an intention is setting up the framework for your thoughts and energy during your yoga class. It keeps your mind focused and your thoughts directed toward that goal and helps you to break larger goals down into smaller, more manageable (or less overwhelming) ones.

Meditation helps us tame our thoughts and focus them on the present moment. 

Also, studies show that people who take the time to assess their goals and create smaller goals that lead up to accomplishing a larger goal stay on track more often than those who have one large, vague goal in mind.

Yoga helps you become self-aware.

Something important to note is we tend to not always know or realize what our goals even are because we are not in tune with what our body, mind, and spirit needs.

Instead of being present in each moment, we are consumed with the past and the future. So much so that we often miss out on a lot of life! Yoga teaches us how to be more mindful of what our own needs are, whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional. 

Having self-awareness helps us learn not only what goals we want to achieve but also what we need to do to achieve them. 

For example, you may learn through a yoga class that your hips and hamstrings are very tight because you sit at a desk a lot of the day. Maybe you don’t notice that until you take the class. You notice how much better your back feels after your yoga class and realize that your recent back pain is connected to your tight hamstrings and hip flexors.

Now, you make a point of taking yoga classes that specifically work those areas because it relieves your back pain. Less pain means you are able to focus more on living your life and doing your work. Less pain means lower blood pressure too, which is good for your heart!

There are many nonphysical ways yoga helps us become self-aware too. All of the ways, though, help us create, keep, and crush our goals!

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Yoga is energizing.

One of the primary reasons people set goals for themselves and don’t follow through with them is because they’re exhausted.

After work, they’re too tired to cook a healthy meal or exercise. In the morning, they’re too tired to get up early and go for that walk or run. Or, exercise makes them feel more tired after those initial endorphins wear off.

Maybe they are mentally and emotionally tired. That can be just as draining, if not more so, than being physically tired.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much yoga to give you an energy boost!

Taking even 5-10 minutes out of your day to do some yoga, or even practicing a few minutes several times throughout the day, releases those feel good chemicals that give you the boost of energy you may need to follow through with your goals.

Of note, inversion yoga poses can literally shift your perspective. The increased oxygen to your brain is also energizing!

Yoga and meditation build confidence.

Yoga builds confidence that transfers to many other areas of your life.

When you make progress in your yoga practice, you get a boost of confidence. That boost pushes you to make even more progress. Maybe you get pumped to try that advanced yoga pose you’ve been wanting to do. Or maybe you feel ready to try that intermediate or advanced yoga class.

Confidence is contagious! It magically spreads to other areas of your life. Perhaps you’ve had a goal to make changes to your mental health or change careers or start a nonprofit or volunteer at one.

Goals. The confidence you gained from finally landing crow pose may translate into the motivation you need to accomplish other goals in your life.

We should also remember that yoga is a form of meditation. A regular practice of meditation can literally transform our mindset and how our brain works so that we naturally begin to make strides in our internal and external growth.

It’s never too late to crush your goals! If you are looking for way to set, achieve, or stay accountable to your goals, we invite you to check out the large variety of group yoga classes on MyYogaTeacher! Our experienced, expert yoga instructors truly do care about helping you crush your goals and live your best physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy life!

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