Yin Yoga for Hips: 5 Yin Yoga Poses to Loosen Your Hips




Why Yin Yoga for Hips?

Yin yoga is a yoga style based on ancient Chinese medicine principles. The goal of the practice is to build a mind-body connection through slow movements, meditation and breathwork. Yin yoga is for every body, level and practice. It doesn’t matter if you do yoga for strength, relaxation or balance. A yin practice will help you deepen your practice at any level. Rather than a traditional vinyasa class that fatigues your muscles, yin goes deeper to connect under your skin to your ligaments, deep tissue and bones.

Benefits of a Hip Opening Yin Yoga Sequence

Yin yoga helps you slow down, relax and turn your practice inward. A regular practice can help you restore your energy and lower your stress levels. Suffering from a specific pain, illness or ailment? Yin yoga’s meditation principles of focus and breathwork can help you target your pain and work through it in your practice. Yin will leave your body feeling relaxed, renewed and free of pain.

Building your yin-yoga practice online with us at MyYogaTeacher is also beneficial because even on days when you don’t feel your best, you don’t have far to go to get to your practice! You can pull up our app on your phone or our website right on your computer for 24/7 access to live classes. We’re there everyday to help you manage your pain and get in your practice! We make yoga accessible for everyone. 

Why is there so much tension in my hips?

In a world where we spend more time working and commuting than we do resting and relaxing, joint pain is inevitable. Nearly one in every four adults suffer from some form of joint pain or muscle fatigue. There are lots of reasons we carry tension and pain in our hips. It can be something simple like needing a new pair of sneakers, sitting too long in the car or at work, or something  advanced like undiagnosed injury, muscle spasms or kidney pain. 

Let’s break down the most commonly reported issues:

  • Sciatica: This pain or tension is very common and often occurs from a pinch in the spine or muscle spasm in the back. 
    According to the center for spine and ortho, “A gentle yoga practice can be of great help in reducing sciatic pain. Yoga asanas, along with conscious, slow breaths, can provide immense relief to back pain patients and people who have sciatica. It gives them the right support to take care of their pain and prevent serious complications”

  • Muscle Strain: An injury to a muscle or tendon can cause a strain. Yin yoga can help make the muscles stretchy and more flexible to avoid further strain or injury. 

  • Arthritis: Arthritis is a very common cause of hip pain where inflammation occurs in the joints. It’s usually hereditary or can occur after multiple injuries to a joint. Yin yoga will help reduce pain by reducing stress and anxiety in the body. 

  • Stress or anxiety:  Believe it or not, our hips are connected to our second chakra which is located within the pelvis. When we are struggling or stressed the psoas muscles may tighten and cause pain. Hip openers are great for opening up this chakra and the muscles attached but be prepared, an emotional response may occur. 

5 Yin Yoga Poses to Help You Loosen Up Tight Hips

Most people with joint pain find that when they add stretching or yoga into their routine it decreases pain, stiffness and muscle fatigue by helping them with overall flexibility and stress management. Committing just 10 minutes a day to stretching at home can make a world of difference! Start your at home practice with just five yin yoga stretches. 

1. Butterfly Pose

This pose helps to open the hips and chest to help relieve inflammation or joint pain. It will also help lengthen your spine to stimulate nervous and respiratory systems. 

Butterfly Pose

2. Dragon Pose

This accessible hip opener is great for every level practitioner. It effectively opens the hips and lower back and helps to activate your core muscles. Strengthening your core will help reduce back and hip pain. 

Dragon Pose

3. Swan Pose

This pose will stretch your hip flexors and lower back which will promote mobility and flexibility in the hip joint. Doing this pose regularly has proven to reduce hip and back pain caused by everyday occurrences like sitting too long at a desk. If this pose is too intense, you can take a figure four stretch on your back to start easing into the pose. 

Swan Pose

4. Squat Pose

This pose helps to force blood flow to the hips and pelvis which can become inactive from sitting too long. Stretches the hips, groin, back and pelvic areas. 

Squat Pose

5. Shoelace Pose 

Cow face gets deep into the fascia stretching the hip rotators, glute muscles and the abductors. This deep stretch will help to unlock pain and stress from the joints. 

Cow Face Pose 


Yoga Classes to Try on MyYogaTeacher Online Platform

Ready to commit to classes? Great! There are many classes you can try for hip rehab on our platform! But here are a few of our favorites!

  1. Yoga for back health:  Hip pain can often start from tension in the back or spine. Take this class to work through strengthening and lengthening poses to relieve pain and stress on your back and hips. 

  2. Yin for recovery: Start your day with this class before you head out. This class will work deep into your muscle tissue and fascia to prepare your body for a busy, active day of whatever life throws your way. 

  3. Yoga fusion for joints: Improve your health and body with this fusion class that combines foam rolling, yoga and weights. Fusion classes are proven to improve overall health and wellness. 

If you’ve been suffering from back pain and looking for a way to find relief, look no further than MyYogaTeacher! Start a yoga practice for recovery with our live,expert teachers! With interactive feedback and individualized attention, you can get the support you need & your body will thank you!

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