6 Reasons 2-Way Live Streamed Yoga is Trending…and May Not Stop



If you know anything about MyYogaTeacher at all, you already know that we are a fully functioning online yoga community! Notice, I didn’t say online yoga “studio.” There’s a reason for that.

We’re so much more than a yoga studio!

When the pandemic started, yoga studios worldwide shut down, and yogis ran to their laptops, phones, desktops, and tv’s for their daily or weekly dose of yoga. The problem we see with pre-recorded yoga is that’s all it is…yoga.

You press play, follow along with the yoga instructor, finish in a restorative yoga pose and you’re done. 

There is no correction if you’re misaligned, no interaction, no meditation (usually), and no community. Almost all the components that make yoga, well, yoga, are missing from pre-recorded yoga classes. Because believe it or not, a yoga practice is way more than just the poses!

Two-way live streaming is how MyYogaTeacher offers the highest quality yoga instruction with expert yoga teachers from India at an affordable price. We want everyone to be able to experience the powerful benefits of a regular yoga practice!

If you haven’t experienced virtual private yoga classes yet, MyYogaTeacher makes 1:1 classes affordable and accessible! PLUS, with your membership, you get:

  • Radiance! More energy, peace of mind, and better health & fitness

  • 42+ daily group yoga classes, 100% live!

  • Discounted yoga workshops, all live and interactive!

  • Making new like-minded friends from around the world

Grab your 2-week free trial and check out your membership options here!

Read on to discover 7 reasons 2-way live streamed yoga classes are the yoga of the future – and the present.


1. You’ll love having live teachers.

Of course, all the teachers are live humans! But just as importantly, taking virtual yoga classes with 2-way live streaming means you get to talk and interact with your yoga instructor and even ask questions. 

At MyYogaTeachers, we only have the very best traditional, authentic, highly trained yoga teachers for our members. Quite a few have higher education degrees, such as a master’s or even a PhD, but we also have yoga teachers who are yoga therapists, and many have more than 900 hours of yoga teacher training and experience!

Live-streaming and having live teachers makes it easy for us to provide top notch yoga instruction and make sure that our teachers are well cared for!


2. Receive real-time corrections and feedback.

Do you get individualized attention in the group yoga class at your local studio or gym? Is the teacher even that knowledgeable to provide appropriate feedback and corrections? If you answered no to either of those questions, you’ll love live-streamed yoga classes where you get personal attention from your yoga teacher.

One of the only ways to grow in your practice, get stronger, more flexible, and fitter (without injuring yourself) is to have someone there correcting you and guiding you. Otherwise, over a period of time, your yoga practice may cause more harm than good.


3. Say goodbye to your commute.

One of the top reasons we hear people say they can’t work out or, specifically, take yoga classes, is because they don’t have enough time. Everyone is looking for more time, right?

Two-way live streamed yoga classes puts an end to the time-consuming commute many people have to get to and from their gym or studio. This is one of the bigger reasons this form of yoga “studio” is trending and may keep up that pace. 

It’s much easier to commit to a yoga practice when you don’t have to drive anywhere to practice it!

4. Live-streamed yoga offers convenient class times

Here at MyYogaTeacher, our teachers offer class times at various times of day and night, making it just as easy for the night shift worker to take a class as it is for the early riser. 

Many gyms and studios only offer classes in the very early mornings or the early evenings. This schedule makes it very difficult for a large majority of people to even think about attending a yoga class. Two-way live streamed classes mean that yoga teachers can offer classes at lots of different times, making yoga more accessible to the masses!

And that’s a really cool thing.

5. You’ll make new friends from around the world

Now, more than ever, people are searching for connection. Not just human interaction, but real connection. We want to know that we are understood, safe, cared for. We want to be a part of a community or group of people who are tolerant and “get us.”

The yoga community as a whole is the perfect place to be if you’re on the hunt for meaningful connections with others. But two-way live streamed yoga allows us to create virtual friendships with people from all over the world! 

At MyYogaTeacher, we have many members who report that they’ve made friends in their classes and even with their yoga teachers! They find our yoga community to be supportive, kind, compassionate, and loving.


6. Keep more money in your pocket

In-person yoga studio classes are costly, around $5-$20 a class! Even a membership to a yoga studio can run you anywhere from $100-$300 a month. And that may only cover the group classes. Not 1:1 instruction.

Two-way live streamed yoga classes not only help keep yoga class costs down, but they allow companies like ours to offer 1-on-1 yoga instruction at affordable rates while still paying our teachers well!

On top of that, you’re saving money by not commuting back and forth to a gym or yoga studio. Bonus!

We can’t find any real disadvantages to offering two-way live streamed yoga classes. You can wear what you want, don’t have to worry about what you look like, are more comfortable in your own home or space, and don’t have to use mats and props that a million other people have probably used (yuck)! 

Plus, you’re more likely to stick with a consistent yoga practice and make it a habit because it’s affordable, accessible, and convenient!

Whether you’ve spent your entire life practicing yoga or you haven’t made it to your first forward bend yet, we’d love to see your beautiful face on the mat at MyYogaTeacher! 

If you haven’t checked out our affordable 1:1 membership plans, you can sign up for your 2-week free trial and get a look at what’s available to you here!

Join the community of members who are really enjoying the perks of 1:1 live streamed instruction at MyYogaTeacher!

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