5 Reasons Why You're Yearning for Virtual Yoga




What a rollercoaster 2020 has been! Or a nightmare. Possibly both.

Many have lost money, jobs, schooling, childcare, gym time. Health. No one has gone untouched by this chaotic year. Which leaves you making tough choices when your favorite places open up...or shut back down.

You ask yourself alllllllll the questions. Is it worth risking my health and my family’s health just to go to the gym? Do I really need a manicure? Is self-care Sunday at my favorite restaurant with the girls important enough to risk exposure to a possibly deadly virus?

But staying home has prompted you to Netflix and binge eat embarrassing amounts of Oreos. You’re eight months into this pandemic craziness and you’ve somehow lost your workout mojo.

Not to mention, your Zen exited stage left about two weeks into quarantine.

You’re left yearning for an activity that will bring you back to your somewhat sane self and help you get back on track to good health. Minus the germs and embarrassment you’ll feel doing down dog next to the yogi who’s been running 5 miles a day since birth.

My Yoga Teacher has your back! Here’s why you’re itching to get into a good yoga routine virtually. And if you’re not, you will be!

1. You’re a new or rising yogi.

And you have no idea what you’re doing (you’re not alone, friend).

Whether you consider yourself in shape, out of shape, or don’t think about it at all, a regular virtual yoga practice will allow you to take your body, mind, and stress to the mat. You can practice at your speed, your level, and in the comfort and privacy of your own safe space. Without being stared at if you fall out of prayer pose.

New yogis will love learning yoga asanas with experienced yoga instructors from India who are well-versed in many types of yoga! My Yoga Teacher allows you to get your yoga on with a teacher that understands you and your needs waaaaaaay better than the one at your local gym who got yoga certified, like, yesterday.

Plus, many of our instructors have degrees in yoga and specialize in areas such as knee and back pain. Bonus.

Which leads us to number 2!

2. You’re hurting and can’t “go hard or go home”.

Plyometrics is the death of your knees. HIIT training has your back screaming for a chiropractor. Which definitely means no running, kickboxing, or cycling classes for you. (Plus, ewww. Germs. Remember?)

If you have knee pain, it’s no surprise if you have back pain as well.

There are yoga asanas that are proven to help with back, knee, and hip issues. With My Yoga Teacher free online yoga classes, you have the option to try out any or all of our awesome yoga instructors. Including those that specialize in helping people just like you resolve knee and back issues.

But perhaps you’re neither new or hurting.

3. You’re an advanced yogi, and you don’t go with the flow.

It’s totally cool to have the ability to twist yourself into a pretzel! We’re down with that. But your fellow yogis in a conventional in-person yoga class may not appreciate you being ahead of the game.

(It’s not just jealousy.)

Getting ahead in the flow of the rest of the class can be distracting or come across as rude. Plus, your yoga teacher might get offended if you’re so bored that you’re a hundred poses ahead.

Get back in the flow! Your flow with online yoga classes!

My Yoga Teacher offers a two week trial where you’ll have access to toooooons of yoga classes at varying times for free! We’re pretty biased, but we think they’re all pretty amazing.

No credit card needed. No commitment. Just you and the mat and a highly qualified yoga instructor. Oh, and possibly a water bottle and towel. Cause you’re gonna sweat!

Need we say more? Of course, we should!

4. Accidentals are incidental with online yoga

Embarrassing moments are a thing of the past with virtual yoga classes! No, really. Think about it.

Wardrobe malfunctions? No worries! No one is there to care about what brand of clothes you’re wearing or how you look at all!

Wanna take a risk and try that asana you’ve been dreaming of doing? Go ahead! If you fall over, the only person judging you is you. And that’s not necessary either!

Need a bathroom break? That’s cool. Just go. None of that quietly sneaking out of the studio and weaving between yogis when you’re practicing yoga at home.

It’s totally natural to feel self-conscious. But you simply don’t have to with myYogaTeacher.

Know what else is natural? Read on.

5. You get to play the right comparison game

Everyone does it. And not just in yoga. In lots of other activities and sports. They compare their abilities with others. Then they get jealous.

You’re in class trying to grab your foot for what should look like Dancer’s Pose and the yogi next to you does that pose in her sleep on the regular. (Enter: Green-eyed monster) You look that direction and, inevitably, you fall over. Which makes the person behind you fall over.

And so the trainwreck commences.

It’s not an entirely unlikely or uncommon scenario. But you comparing yourself to the yogi next door isn’t productive for your practice or theirs.

Jealousy is a perfectly natural human tendency. But online yoga classes offer you the opportunity to compare yourself and compete with the most important person in the room. You.

So if you’re itching to get back in the proverbial workout saddle, online yoga classes may be the safest option for you! Or, advanced yogis and athletes can jump into a power yoga class, sweat it out from the house, and still reap the rewards of virtual yoga classes.

It’s time to take back your Zen and your health with My Yoga Teacher’s two week trial and see how you like it! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain (except excess weight).

Do yoga your way! Take advantage of the vast amount of knowledge and experience that our yoga instructors have to offer, including affordable 1:1 yoga lessons that are catered specifically to your needs. They’re extra like that. And so are you!

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