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Announcing MyYogaTeacher’s Free Yoga for Everyday Self Care Event




Ready to make time and take time for YOU in the New Year? This 2-day event on January 16-17 makes it easier than ever to start and keep a self care routine going.

And, of course, you’re invited!

Almost everyone is guilty of not putting themselves first most of the time. 

But did you know that research shows that self care reduces heart disease, stroke, and cancer? Not to mention that people who have a consistent self care routine are 67% more productive, 71% happier, and 64% more self-confident than those who don’t!  

The impacts of a yoga for self care routine are nothing but positive. And there is nothing standing in your way of creating one with MyYogaTeacher’s free event. Imagine how much better you’ll feel and how much more productive you’d be if you just took some time for yourself everyday. Your routine doesn’t have to be time consuming. Even 30 minutes of yoga for self care may make all the difference in your life! 

Here at MyYogaTeacher, we understand creating a self care routine may seem unobtainable at first. That’s why we created this event!

How to join the Yoga for Everyday Self Care Event:


Just click the links below to one or all of the classes you’d like to attend and register as you would any other group class! Simple as that.


Click this link to sign up for your free two week trial to get access to this incredible event! No credit card required.

Are you a nonmember who signed up for a trial in the past but it’s lapsed?

If you’re not a member but signed up for a free-trial in the past, and it has expired, just reach out to to let us know!  We'll reset your trial and give you full access to the event.

Make this event the start of something wonderful for your mental, emotional, and physical health! So you, too, can be happier, more self-confident, and more productive!

We've put together a schedule of yoga sessions designed specifically to get you started on your self care journey.

Check out the educational, inspiring, and exciting event classes and expert yoga instructors making this event happen!

(Click the class links to register for any or all of these amazing sessions!)

Yoga Breathwork: Relaxation and Self Care with Archana

Tuesday, January 17 at 5:30 pm PST/ 8:30 pm EST

Do you make time for selfcare? Meditation and yogic breathing are excellent forms of selfcare that you can do almost anywhere or any time! Join us for this relaxing class focused on breathing, meditation, and gentle stretching. Discover how easy it is to take time for you!

Yoga for Self Care: An Everyday Practice with Archana

Monday, January 16 at 5:30 pm PST/ 8:30 pm EST

Do you struggle to make time for self-care? You’re not alone! This beautiful yoga session is designed to help you learn asanas and stretches that you can do every day specifically as a self-care practice. Join us for self-care through yoga!

We offer these events so you have the tools and guidance to live in harmony with your inner self, outer self, and the world. So you can move in the world with peace and good health. And so you can be less stressed, more productive, and more present.

Experience the peace that comes from yoga and explore all the tools our expert yoga instructors offer to help you start and maintain a consistent self care routine. We’re here to support you on your journey now and when the event is over!

So join us for this free event! And don’t forget to check other yoga classes MyYogaTeacher offers as a part of your membership or free trial! Many are perfect for continuing your self care routine long after this event is over. Or reach out to the yoga instructors below offering 1-on-1 sessions to address specific issues!

- Ankit Bhatnagari

- Abhishek Bodhi

And remember: If you’re a nonmember who’s two-week free trial has ended, reach out to to have your trial reset so you can easily sign up for these awesome classes!

Welcome to MyYogaTeacher’s Yoga for Everyday Self Care Event!

See you soon!

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