6 Benefits of Face Yoga That Are More Than Skin Deep



Yes, face yoga is a real thing! And this form of yoga improves muscle tone and skin elasticity in your face. If you’ve done all the things to get that youthful skin back but nothing has worked, face yoga might be just the thing you need to help.

But that’s not all it does!

Face yoga involves exercises that strengthen, tone, and massage the muscles of the face and neck. It is reported to provide lasting results and effectively improves the structural appearance of your face. However, there are more benefits of face yoga than that. I’ll discuss them here!

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Let’s go over some of the benefits of face yoga!

Face yoga benefits

1. Face yoga lifts and firms muscles under the skin

When we exercise, we typically don’t think about needing to “work out” our face muscles. As a matter of fact, I doubt you ever think about your face muscles at all!

What you do think about is your forehead wrinkles, laugh lines, maybe even a droopy jaw line and sagging neck skin. And your thoughts behind that revolve around products you can place on your skin to help stop or even reverse those issues.

However, the muscles under your facial skin play an important role in reducing or eliminating fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin complaints people often have as they age.

Because face yoga strengthens the face muscles, you’ll see improvements in your face structure and skin such as:

  • Firmer neckline

  • Less round face

  • A more symmetrical face

  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

  • Stronger jawline

  • Youthful glow from better circulation

Face yoga is the perfect way to redefine your face and skin appearance!

2. Face yoga promotes lymphatic drainage

Funny enough, we talk a lot about lymphatic drainage here at MyYogaTeacher. Why? Because proper drainage and maintenance of your lymphatic system is imperative for excellent immune health!

Because face yoga involves massaging motions, it helps relieve blockages in your lymph nodes. Besides nurturing a healthy immune system, healthy, well-drained lymph nodes reduce puffiness in the face.

Under eye “bags” and puffiness around the jaw, cheeks, and neck are often due to a buildup of fluid in your lymphatic system.

Be sure to consult an experienced yoga teacher before practicing face yoga. Massaging in the wrong direction or with too much force can be harmful to your facial muscles.

Face yoga for headaches

3. Face yoga reduces headaches

Are you a headache or migraine sufferer? There’s an in depth article here that discusses how yoga improves or eliminates migraine headaches. 

However, if you know you have tension headaches or headaches and jaw pain from clenching your teeth, face yoga can help! Face yoga is proven to help with these issues. A consistent face yoga practice releases tension in the neck, jaw area, and forehead, all of which contribute to headache pain.

Know what else contributes to headaches? TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder). Besides the fact that TMJ can cause extreme pain in your jaw bones and joints, it is also common for people who suffer from TMJ to experience headaches.

Face yoga helps alleviate TMJ symptoms!

4. Face yoga fosters nostril breathing

Most people don’t think about how they breathe. They just know that they do. But did you know that nose breathing is more beneficial than mouth breathing?

Unless your nose is congested or you have some deformation of the nose, mouth breathing is not recommended for optimal health. Your nose is specifically designed for breathing.

Nose breathing:

  • Filters out foreign particles that can harm your throat, lungs, or bronchial tubes

  • Humidifies the air your breathe before it gets to your lungs, making is easier for the lungs to use

  • Produces nitric oxide (NO), which widens your blood vessels and improves oxygen circulation in your body

Face yoga, like other forms of yoga, does include yogic breathing and meditation. There are also exercises performed during face yoga that positively impact your nose and the area around it. Both of these things promote nostril breathing.

Face yoga for confidence

5. Face yoga increases confidence

It’s true! Because face yoga impacts the way your face looks and feels physically, people who practice face yoga are more confident.

When we are more confident in ourselves, our posture improves. Our body is more physiologically aligned, which prevents injury to different parts of the body. Confidence also helps us participate more positively in life!

The confidence gained from the effects of face yoga creates a ripple effect in our lives and on to the lives of our friends, family, and coworkers.

6. Face yoga extends the life of our cells

We are constantly shedding skin cells from all over our bodies, including our face. However, the cells underneath the skin in the muscles and other parts of your face can have a longer life due to the increased blood flow (oxygen and nutrients) brought to those areas with face yoga.

The effects of face yoga aren’t instant. Face yoga is not a quick fix for aging skin or headache pain, and it doesn’t instantaneously boost immunity or build confidence. But it does help with all of those things if you practice face yoga consistently!

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