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Letter from Jitendra (CEO and co-founder of myYogaTeacher)




"If you want to reach your goals, the WHY is always more important than the HOW."This letter to you isn't short but you'll want to read it. Because it could be the start of a life-changing process for you. It was for me...

You see, when I was starting my first company, I was living a super unhealthy lifestyle.

I was smoking cigarettes, binge eating and then pushing myself to run like a maniac. I'd exercise to the point of exhaustion and then go right back to eating a carton of doughnuts!

This is how I dealt with the stress of starting my first company. And to be honest, it was much worse on my family.

For 7 years I was just a body at the dinner table. My daughters would bubble with excitement about their day at school. And I would barely respond, "uh huh". They were instantly deflated. They'd repeat themselves 3 or 4 times and I still wouldn't be able to listen...

I LOVE my daughters, I care about them, and I wanted to listen! But it felt like a train was steaming through my head and running off the tracks... My mind was out of control!

My body was there, but I was completely unavailable for my wife, my kids, and everything outside of work. No bedtime stories, no basketball games, nothing like that.

I was missing the highlights of their lives... of our lives!

I knew I needed to be more present. I needed to be less stressed. I needed to be healthier and more available for my family. But I had too much work to take care of.

I wanted to be the father for my girls, that my dad was for me. I wanted them to know they're loved, to be a meaningful part of their life. And I want them to have amazing memories of us for the rest of their lives...

But I was failing. I couldn't balance work and family. I couldn't balance health and taking care of my responsibilities.

Nearly 10 years of this! I had to do something...

So I decided to join a yoga studio. I thought "I'll get in shape AND reduce my stress!" Sounds great, doesn't it?

... It wasn't that simple. The studio classes were generalized. It was more about the class and style of yoga than it was about me and my needs. I wasn't seeing any results.

So pretty soon, I was back to the gym and discount yoga classes at The Y... the random gym-class schedule never quite worked for me. I'd always have to miss out because of a meeting or something like that.

Then a friend told me about 1-on-1 private sessions with a yoga teacher. He said it's kinda like my own personal trainer, but for yoga!

I was super excited and hopeful again!

So I started...

Now I was finally getting results! She gave me constant motivation. She kept me accountable. And she helped me to be consistent.

The sessions were personalized to my needs. And that alone made a world of difference.

I was less stressed, toning up, and feeling like 26 year old me (instead of 46 year old me)!

But it was $100 a session, and I stil had to drive to the studio. It just wasn't sustainable. So pretty soon I had to quit...

Then one day, I mentiond all this to a friend. Do you know what she told me? She was doing 1-on-1 sessions ONLINE with a teacher in India! ... Genius!

Right away I reached out to my friends back home (I'm from India) and asked them to put me in contact with a teacher.

I was hooked! I was getting 1-on-1 sessions for a fraction of the cost! The sessions were in my home. No baby sitter required, no driving, no class full of people to feel awkward in front of. Just me and my teacher.

But the scheduling was a pain.

We'd write about a dozen emails back-and-forth just to pin down a time for one session. Then my schedule would change and we'd go through the whole process again. (So annoying!)

"You know, I didn't go into business just to make money. I want to contribute something meaningful to the world."I knew this was big. I knew I had to do something drastic. So I handed off my company to a friend, and hired a team of developers to start building myYogaTeacher.

Over the next year we streamlined all the technology and the scheduling!

Now anyone can have the most affordable 1-on-1 private yoga sessions. And easy online access to amazing Indian teachers.

I've been practicing with myYogaTeacher at least 2 or 3 times per week for the last year and half. And my family will tell you, it's made all the difference.

I'm healthier than ever. I haven't smoked a single cigarette for 14 months. I'm even working on my headstand!

And I almost never get stressed. When I do start feeling a bit stressed, I take a 1-hr yoga session and reset.

But the best part is, I'm happier and finally here for my family. I make breakfast every morning for my girls. I help them with their math homework and even coach their basketball team!

I am present for my family. I'm the father I want to be.

And I am so grateful to my yoga teachers who have helped make this happen. I sincerely hope you love your trial with myYogaTeacher and it's the start of a HUGE transformation for you too!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. And...

Remember your WHY!Jitendra

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