How Yoga Helps You Handle Trying Times in the New Year

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It’s inevitable. Whether it’s a global pandemic or a flat tire on your way to an important meeting, tough times happen.

Anxiety is real.

And with stress and anxiety come bad decisions, terrible focus, high blood pressure, and increased cortisol levels. None of which are good. That’s why we wanted to talk to you about how yoga can help when times are just plain tough.

Since the chaos of COVID erupted, many yoga studios across America have closed and been replaced with yoga classes online. Some are free yoga classes. Some are not.

With myYogaTeacher, you can try our classes and awesome yoga instructors for two weeks free! We give you the opportunity to learn yoga live. None of that pre-recorded nonsense.

And we can’t stress enough the benefits of yoga during all of life’s trials and tribulations.

Ditch the flight or fight response to stress this New Year

You’ve felt it before. That gut reaction to a quick onset of stress.

Something crazy happened in your life and you’re either ready for battle or running for the hills. A regular yoga practice encourages a reduction in the naturally exaggerated responses to stress.

In this day and age, just the thought of being around a group of people at the grocery store is enough to make your heart race and your palms sweat. That’s exactly why so many yoga studios are offering online yoga classes like myYogaTeacher.

Because we want you to experience the benefits of yoga in a space that you feel safe. A space where we can focus on you. Not the rest of the world.

Less stress and anxiety means:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • More and better mental focus and clarity
  • Better immunity
  • Reduced cortisol levels
  • Less sensitive to physical pain

The pandemic isn’t the only crisis in America. There are many. But one of the most important is mental health.

Depression, anxiety, and stress contribute to extremely poor mental health. And with all the current pandemic restrictions, depression and anxiety are at an all time high, country-wide.

For many people with mental health issues and high levels of stress, learning yoga live from their home may be an appealing way to manage their symptoms.

There is growing evidence that a regular yoga practice is a low-risk, high reward approach to overall health. And isn’t that what everyone strives for in the New Year? Better health?

We think so.

Speaking of better health…

Hard times call for healthier bodies

Plank Pose

Many gyms are still closed. Or if they’re not, they have limited capacity and many restrictions. Equipment that people relied on for gentle, yet effective exercise is either inaccessible or germy. Classes that people flocked to are no longer allowed.

There are plenty of free online yoga classes available nowadays. Heck, YouTube is chock full of all kinds of different types of exercise routines. Virtual yoga classes allow you to continue or start a yoga practice in the comfort of your own home or safe space and are an excellent outlet for stress relief during challenging times.

It’s always important to keep the endorphins going and your immune system boosted, especially when times are tough.

Yoga is one of the best ways to do just that. A gentle way to safely strengthen, tone, and stretch your body.

If trying times are getting the best of you, you might want to hit the mat and give yoga a try, if you haven’t already. MyYogaTeacher offers free online yoga classes for all levels of yogis with a two week trial! Novice to advanced.

Whether weight loss is your goal in the New Year or you’ve just got to land that super hard asana that you were working on pre-pandemic, we’ve got a live yoga class for that.

Enjoy the physical benefits of yoga such as:

  • Increased muscle strength
  • Reduced back, knee, and joint pain
  • Better balance and coordination
  • Increased flexibility
  • More energy and focus
  • Better digestion
  • Increased circulation

And yoga just feels good. You’ll notice a difference in your mind and body after just one class! We promise!

But we can’t talk about the benefits of yoga without at least mentioning ...ahem, spirituality.

Get in touch with your spiritual side during times of trial

Meditative Pose

Now we’re not here to get all woo woo with you. Yoga is for everyone, spiritual or religious or not.

But one of the primary goals of yoga is to maintain harmony between your inner and outer self!

Breathing through hard asanas (poses) can help you breathe your way through difficult times. Pushing yourself to do stretches without comparing yourself to someone else can help you let go of situations that you can’t control. Becoming more physically flexible and strong helps you to be more flexible and strong mentally.

Working on yourself by yourself through yoga classes online is empowering.

Yoga helps you live more in the moment and become self aware. A better connection with yourself will help you respond better to stressful situations.

A crazy, chaotic mind becomes calmer.

Inner peace shines outward.

Self-compassion turns into empathy and compassion for others. And that’s always a good thing.

Are you starting your New Year out in a struggle? It’s understandable. Just because the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean all your problems and worries disappear.

But you can handle tough situations with more ease, grace, and better health than you did last year. MyYogaTeacher offers free yoga online as well as a paid membership with perks like 1:1 and unlimited group class all taught by highly experienced and expert yoga instructors from the birthplace of yoga, India. We even have specialized workshops that address unique health issues! Go ahead and scoop up your FREE two-week trial and try out our multitude of live yoga classes!

What do you have to lose (besides stress and anxiety)?

Online Yoga Classes – Live & Interactive

Get 2 free private yoga sessions and 2 weeks of unlimited group classes with authentic yoga teachers. No credit card required when you sign up today!

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