Giving the Gift of Yoga (to yourself or a loved one)



Would you like to receive a few months of Membership with myYogaTeacher as a gift?

Right now, your friends and family can give you the gift of yoga for upto 20% off! (Or you can give it to yourself)

Every year, around this time, my family is searching like crazy to get me gifts for the holidays. They don't know what to get me... I don't know what to get them... and we all kinda feel trapped by the consumer side of Christmas.

I love them, I'm happy to give them a gift - but I want it to be meaningful (or at least something they'll use).

I hate the idea of getting them another shirt, some shoes, or some trinket from Bed Bath and Beyond they don't really need!

You know, I realized experiences are some of the best gifts to give.

I can't always take my girlfriend, my brother, or my parents on a vacation. But I can treat them to something they might get for themselves. So for my brother's 21st Birthday I took him Skydiving — he's never forgotten it.

A couple years later I treated my parents to a lavish massage... they were super happy with that one! ;)

And now, I mainly give the gift of experience. Especially when I know it will increase their quality of life or create a wonderful memory.

If you don't know what to ask for this year, you may want to consider one of our Membership Packages. (3-mo, 6-mo, and 1-yr packages TEMPORARILY available at discounted rates as Holiday Gifting Specials.)

(These are different than our monthly plans. Your husband or wife, parents or children can give you 3+ months of Membership with myYogaTeacher)

So instead of some shirt that's there to fill a wrapped box. You can get yoga classes with your favorite teacher.

You get months of:

✔️ Group classes with incredible teachers so you can feel more peace and self-love

✔️ 1-on-1 help and motivation so you can reach your goals

✔️ A regular practice to help reduce stress and anxiety

✔️ More peace and happiness on a daily basis

✔️ Better health - you'll feel like '18 year old you' again - stronger, more flexible... fitter!

And the best part is, it's all at home so you'll actually show up. No commute. No daycare required.

You get to focus on YOUR health and happiness!

If this sounds like something you're interested in, share this page with your loved ones OR click here to get upto 20% Off your Membership with MYT!

Happy Holidays from me and the team at myYogaTeacher!

With Love,


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