5 Elements of Hatha Yoga for Beginners (10 Hatha Yoga Poses)




If you’re new to yoga, you may be discouraged by how many types of yoga there seem to be. Hatha yoga is a great place to begin your journey! 

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is a style that aspires to create a body, mind and spiritual union through your practice. This very grounded yoga also connects your spirit with the elements. The word “hatha” literally translates to sun (ha) and moon (ta). Like yin and yang, this practice is meant to help you find the balance within you. Hatha yoga is great for beginners because it’s meant to be preparatory in its foundation. Hatha yoga has quickly become the most popular type of yoga in the west because it builds strength and flexibility while still being “gentle” for most people. 

4 Benefits of Hatha Yoga Practice

  1. Improves flexibility and strength. Hatha helps you build a strong core which will strengthen your abdominal area,spinal cord and pelvic floor.

  2. Reduces stress and anxiety. Because yoga helps to improve physical flexibility, it also opens our energy channels and alleviates "blockages" we may be struggling with mentally. Yoga is also known to release emotions that the body is holding onto before movement occurs. 

  3. Creates mental stability. Hatha helps improve your focus and mental clarity by focusing and slowing the breath. Physical fitness creates endorphins to boost happiness which  helps to slow down a racing mind and improve relaxation. 

  4. Connects you to your inner sense of self. Hatha was originally intended to be a spiritual practice. When you commit to practicing hatha's five elements, You'll be on your way to inner peace and discovery. Start your journey to self discovery through hatha with our online platform! Our 1-on-1 classes with expert yoga teachers are a great way to begin your yoga journey. These sessions allow you to set personal goals and move at your own pace! Two private sessions are included in our free trial!

5 Elements of Hatha Yoga for Beginners

Each branch of hatha is meant to work together to help you achieve clarity and enlightenment. Let’s break down the five elements!

  1. Asanas (the posture or pose) The asanas in hatha are practiced to help the body find proper alignment while connecting with your energy channels and chakras. 

  2. Pranayamas (the breath or life force) There are 8 Prana practices in hatha that can be done within a practice or on their own. Each hatha class will typically focus on one or two practices. 

  3. Kriyas. This ayurvedic technique is meant to help you cleanse during your practice. This can improve energy, improve digestion or help if you’re feeling ill. 

  4. Bandhas (to lock or close) This element will lock the energy into the body so you can carry it off your mat.  

  5. Mudras are the final phase of your practice, a hand gesture to mark or seal a practice.

10 Hatha Yoga Poses for Beginners: 

If you’re ready to start practicing hatha, you can start with these simple to learn poses before you join us for class, or when you only have time for a quick practice!

1. Child’s Pose - Root Chakra 

Child’s Pose - Root Chakra 

A calming pose. This pose is a total reset for the body, mind and spirit. A gentle way to drop in to your practice and focus your attention inward. 

2. Cat/Cow Pose - Swadhisthana Chakra

Cat/Cow Pose - Swadhisthana Chakra

Breath control. This asana is essential in hatha because it helps you learn to move your body and breath together with control. 

3. Downward Dog Pose - Solar Plexus

Downward Dog Pose - Solar Plexus

A stretching asana. This full body stretch will help you leave your practice ready to take on the day. 

4. Mountain Pose - Root Chakra

Mountain Pose - Root Chakra

For power. Mountain pose is meant to help you find the power within yourself.

5. Standing Forward Fold - Swadhisthana Chakra

Standing Forward Fold - Swadhisthana Chakra

To release. This is an effective stretching asana. 

6. Tree Pose - Root Chakra

Tree Pose - Root Chakra

This pose is part of your hatha practice to remind you to focus and find balance. It’s also a great goal tracker pose.

7. Warrior I - Throat Chakra

Warrior I - Throat Chakra


For balance and strength. This asana will help to ground you and is a great way to center yourself if you’re experiencing anxiety. 

8. Warrior II - Sacral Chakra

Warrior II - Sacral Chakra

Moving from warrior I, it helps to strengthen your lower body and find flexibility in the hips. This pose helps you become an agile warrior! 

9. Bridge Pose - Heart Chakra

Bridge Pose - Heart Chakra

A pose to release stress or emotion. Bridge pose is a great asana to slow down your breathing and your busy mind. 

10. Cobra Pose - Throat Chakra

Cobra Pose - Throat Chakra

This gentle spinal opener will help you close your practice with a gentle release of the hips and spine. 

Live Hatha Yoga Classes to Try

Beginner Hatha. In this class with Abhishek, you’ll learn to balance opposites in your physical and mental practice. This total body class will develop flexibility and strength while helping you find relaxation and clarity. 

Hatha Vinyasa. Move through a classic vinyasa with Bharath while you connect your breath and movement together to clear your energy channels and remove mental blocks. 

Intermediate Hatha. Shikha classes are carefully crafted to create balance. This class builds a body and mind connection while combining asanas and breathwork to align with your individual goals. 

So if you’re ready to start a gentle journey of self discovery or looking to build a beginner practice, try hatha today. Ready to get started? Join us online and start your at home practice today! 

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