New 1-on-1 Hip Opening Series: Unlock Freedom in Movement



The new transformative 1-on-1 Hip Opening Series, specially designed to release tension and boost strength and mobility in your hips, is the perfect way to make use of your 1-on-1 sessions as a MyYogaTeacher member! Join a 10-session journey to revolutionize how you move and feel, guided by our expert yoga instructors.

Experience targeted poses and dynamic flows that empower you to embrace each day with more ease and grace. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just starting out, this series is tailored for all levels of experience. 

Been working with a teacher you love? We understand that! Don't worry! No need to feel guilty for exploring this 1-on-1 avenue. Your regular yoga instructor will be excited for you to try something new and explore...

A New Twist on Your 1-on-1 Experience: What to Expect

This series is more than just better hip and joint mobility! You’ll walk away with…

  • Enhanced Posture: Extended amounts of sitting causes weakness in our middle and upper back muscles, making our lower back muscles take the brunt of the work to keep us upright. Our lower back wasn’t intended to do this though! Which is why it may give you trouble. Use this series to strengthen the supporting muscles necessary for better alignment and posture.

  • A Healthier Body: A new way to improve your pelvic health! The organs around your pelvis hold the keys to better reproductive and hormonal health. 

  • Increased Hip Flexibility: Feel a noticeable release in your hip area, enhancing your range of motion and comfort in everyday activities, like walking, sitting, and even just standing!

  •  Stress Relief: You might not realize the stress that comes from tension stored in your pelvic area. You’ll experience a profound sense of relaxation and calm after each session.

  • Injury Prevention:  Strengthening the muscles around the hips and lower spine will help you prevent injury, create more stability, and help prevent falls! We bet you didn’t know you could do all that just by working your hips!

  • Mind-Body Connection: Deepen your practice as you connect breath with movement, fostering mindfulness and self-awareness.

How this series works

This is the most exciting part! You have control of how you choose to participate in the Hip Opening Series! Check it out:

➡️How many sessions? 10 sessions, 30 or 60 minutes as per your choice!

➡️Price? Your Hip Opening Series sessions are included in your 1-on-1 membership plan at NO EXTRA COST!

➡️Who are the teachers?

Your yoga journey, your choice of guide! Discover your perfect teacher and book a session by clicking on their profile link below! You’re free to explore the Hip Opening Series with any or all of our skilled Yoga teachers below.

Hip Opening Series_ Teacher_.png

Check out Pawan here!

Pawan’s yoga sessions based on integral yoga techniques are simple yet very powerful and effective. They meet the physical, mental, and emotional needs of individuals. With Pawan Sharma's guidance, students can discover the transformative power of yoga and its ability to enhance their overall well-being.

You can find Dr. Pooja Kashikar here!

Dr. Pooja Kashikar is an Ayurvedic Doctor & Therapeutic Yoga Consultant. Her approach towards the practice is grounded and intuitive, focusing on the therapeutic nature of all the yogic practices. Her classes provide a compassionate & safe space to learn and explore the soul-body-mind connection.

Learn all about Shreyansh!

Shreyansh strongly believes that yoga is about connecting with your body, breath, and mind; it is for everyone. For him, yoga is a way of life and he always teachs what he has practiced. For him, the mantra is, practice practice practice and all is coming.

Don’t miss getting to know Mythri!

Mythri is a certified yoga Therapist. For her, yoga is not some set of practices. She considers yoga a lifestyle which incorporates mind, body, and energy to the fullest. She can guide you to make your whole system strong yet flexible

Join us for this new, exciting yoga adventure and continue on your path to more physical, mental, and emotional health and harmony!

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The new transformative 1-on-1 Hip Opening Series, specially designed to release tension and boost strength and mobility in your hips, is the perfect w...

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