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Is Yoga Teacher Training Right For You?




A lot of people want to take a Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) but they're not sure if they're ready for it. The most common questions people ask are:

  • "I've only been practicing a few months, is that enough for a 200-hour yoga teacher training course?"
  • "I'm not that flexible or fit, will I be able to keep up with the course?"
  • "I just want to learn more and I don't actually want to teach yoga, is it a good idea to take a yoga TTC?"

In this short article, you'll get answers to each of these questions. So that you can know if Yoga Teacher Training is right for you!

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Can beginners keep up with a Yoga Teacher Training Course?

The biggest mistake people make, when it comes to Yoga Teacher Training, is thinking that it's just for Intermediate or Advanced yogis.

Some Yoga TTCs are very advanced. They require extreme flexibility and fitness.

But many other TTCs are perfect for beginners! TTCs like this are the fastest way to take your practice from complete novice, to intermediate (maybe even advanced) practitioner.

Most 200-hour Teacher Training Courses are perfect for beginner and intermediate yogis.

I asked Rohan, the lead teacher of MyYogaTeacher's 200-hr TTC, "who will have a good experience in your TTC, and who should avoid it?"

He told me, the only people who should not take his TTC are those with serious medical conditions (like heart problems).

So this means, you will likely have a great experience in a 200-hr TTC even if you're not very fit or flexible yet. So if you're stiff, out of shape, or a beginner to yoga, that's perfectly OK.

You might be challenged for the first couple of weeks. But you'll loosen up and get in shape fast. I've seen tons of seniors, not in particularly good shape, keep up with and enjoy their TTC.

A 200-hr TTC will take you from Beginner to Intermediate (maybe even Advanced practitioner)!

How fit & flexible do you have to be for a Yoga Teacher Training Course?

You don't have to be very fit or flexible to enjoy your TTC, become a great yoga teacher, and have fun deepening your practice!

During my 500-hour yoga TTC, I got way more flexible. But when it comes to forward bends, my bone structure limits me. I still can't touch my toes with straight legs...

Does that make me a bad yoga teacher?

Of course not! ... and my students always love my classes. Not because I was so flexible in every asana, but because I made learning yoga fun and low-pressure!

I showed them that you don't have to be pretzel-flexible to get a healthy body and find inner-peace.

In your TTC — you will get more flexible! But even if you never bend like a contortionist; that shouldn't stop you from enjoying yoga, going deeper in your practice, and sharing with others.

Whether you sign up for a TTC or not, I hope you never judge your yoga by your flexibility! That's like judging a cake by the look of its frosting.

It's not the appearance of the cake that matters. It's the flavor that's important!

And in yoga, the flavor is your inner-joy.

Is it worthwhile to join a TTC even if you don't want to teach?

The answer is: Yes. Even if you don't want to teach, it's an amazing experience and you'll be happy you signed up!

When I took my TTC in 2013, I had no interest in teaching.

I was falling in love with yoga because I had spent my entire life feeling anxious. I was stressed in every social situation and this was wreaking havoc on my body, my mind, and my closest relationships.

When I practiced yoga — I felt free — happy, and at peace.

I wanted to feel that way more often. So I signed up for a TTC hoping I could ground myself in these positive feelings.

And you know, I thought I would be the only one in my class who didn't want to teach. But one night, when me and my classmates were joking around and studying together, we started talking about why we signed up.

Only a few people wanted to work as yoga teachers. Pretty much everyone else joined because they loved yoga and wanted to deepen their practice.

My TTC gave me exactly what I hoped for (and things I never could have expected). So much more self-awareness, self-love, and self-compassion... And when you feel that way towards yourself, it's easy to feel that way towards others too!

If you're considering signing up for a Teacher Training Course — even if you don't plan on teaching — I know you'll love it!

You'll learn more about yoga, go deeper in your practice, and feel those great yoga-feelings — the healthy body, peaceful mind, and joyful attitude.

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So it doesn't matter if you're out of shape, stiff, a beginner to yoga, and you don't want to teach. As long as you enjoy yoga and want to go deeper in your practice a TTC can be a life enriching experience.

You'll make life-long friends with similar interests and values, you'll have a lot of fun, and you'll learn a lot about yoga.

myYogaTeacher offers regular TTCs with expert Indian teachers — 100% LIVE. If you're interested in checking them out, you can click here to see any upcoming TTCs now.

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