6 Things That a Yoga Teacher Training Course Will Do for You – Even If You Don’t Want to Teach



If you’re reading this right now, you probably are at least thinking about how a yoga teacher training course can benefit you. You’re curious.

Ever heard that quote, “Those who can’t do, teach”? Yeah, us too. And when it comes to yoga, that quote couldn’t be more wrong.

First of all, we haven’t met a yoga teacher yet that can’t do yoga. Can they do every single yoga pose ever created? No, of course not. Not many (if anyone) can. But, for the most part, they’re very capable of practicing yoga.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to teach just because you get certified as a yoga teacher!

Yogis take a yoga teacher training course for many reasons that we’re about to discuss, but so many more yogis choose not to take one because they don’t want to teach.

And we’re here to let you know that a high-quality, comprehensive yoga teacher training course is an amazing experience for all yoga practitioners, whether they’re brand new to the practice or have been practicing yoga for many years.

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Before saying yay or nay to a yoga TTC like the one MyYogaTeacher offers, consider these 6 benefits…that have nothing to do with teaching!


1. Yoga teacher training helps you deepen your practice

Want more out of your yoga practice? More than what you’re able to get from a one hour class however many times a week?

Maybe you want to learn about the physiology of yoga, how it biologically affects your body. Maybe you want to become more focused, self aware, and mindful of your alignment and how your body feels during your yoga practice. It could be that you need more help with breathwork or want to explore various types of meditation to complement your yoga practice.

During a yoga teacher training course, your instructor (or instructors) will have the opportunity to give you very specific feedback on how you are performing asanas, how various poses benefit your body, and you’ll certainly learn different types of breathing techniques and meditation variations.

Learning the principles behind good alignment, breath work, and meditation will help you in many different ways in daily life.

Better posture, less stress and anxiety, reduced back and joint pain due to better alignment. All of these are benefits of deepening your yoga practice through the participation in a yoga teacher training course!


2. A yoga teacher training course will boost your confidence

Who doesn’t want to be more confident? 

Embarking on a journey of yoga teacher training will help you discover strengths you didn’t know you had, improve weaknesses (whether physical, mental, or emotional), and help you  develop a better sense of self, of who you are.

You will overcome the stresses and insecurities that invariably accompany the pursuit of any type of challenge or obstacle. And participating in a constant physical practice will help you to see exactly how strong you really are!

We’re not gonna lie. A yoga teacher training course really is challenging. But your yoga teacher and the community of other students you’re taking the course with will be the support you need to move through, over, and around those challenges and grow as a human and a yogi!


3. Yoga teacher training helps develop your sense of compassion

We all have moments when we’re uncompassionate. When we are inconvenienced by someone else’s struggles or mistakes. We’re often irritated by slow drivers or when our food order is wrong. Some people are just so consumed with their own lives that they don’t have the emotional room or energy to be compassionate towards others.

In a yoga teacher training course, you’ll explore and practice the concepts of metta, or lovingkindness, and ashima, evoking feelings of compassion. Many times, we are uncompassionate towards others because we are unable to show compassion for ourselves.

You will learn how to show compassion and love towards friends, family, even strangers. But most importantly, you will learn how to show compassion for yourself.


4. A yoga teacher training course will teach you selfcare

One of the primary things missing in the lives of many people the world over, but especially Americans, is selfcare. While studies show that self care practices have increased during the pandemic times, it is not nearly enough to keep our busy lives balanced.

And who’s to say the increase will last after all the pandemic chaos is over?

A yoga teacher training course emphasizes the necessity for regular selfcare. Selfcare shouldn’t be something special you only do once a week on the weekend. It should be something you incorporate as a part of your daily life.

You can not pour from an empty cup. Selfcare promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Numerous studies have shown the positive effects of regular self care practices.


5. Yoga teacher training courses teach self-awareness

In my opinion, gaining self-awareness is one of the most beneficial aspects of taking a yoga teacher training course. Why?

We are often so busy, we have no time to reflect on our day or our life, who we are at a base level as a human being. Instead, we are parents, partners, spouses, friends, children, co-workers. We are defined by what we do instead of who we are.

Incorporating new habits, experiences, knowledge, and activities into our lives is how we grow. Becoming aware of ourselves as individuals, apart from our roles and relationships, is how we become better in everything we do, every aspect of our lives.

In a yoga teacher training program, you will not only learn the tools and techniques to discover your self-awareness, but you will be taught how to continue on afterwards.


6. You will learn how to let things go in a yoga teacher training program

One of the fundamental concepts of yoga is letting go that which no longer serves you. But so often, we don’t. 

We carry grudges, stay angry, avoid confrontation. We harbor hate and envy and so much negative energy that it just consumes us. But it doesn’t serve us well. In a yoga teacher training program, you will focus on letting go of all the things that do not help you grow or make you happy.

You will learn how to assess the thoughts, feelings, people, things, jobs, roles, and responsibilities in your life and decide if those things are helping you or hurting you. And with the tools from a yoga teacher training course, you’ll be empowered to remove what no longer serves you.

Here are MyYogaTeacher, we are passionate about helping people become the most radiant, beautiful, healthy  people we know they are. Humans and humanity are amazing. Our yoga teachers recognize that and strive to provide expert guidance, love, and support that all their students need.

With MyYogaTeacher 100% of your TTC is live. And you'll get access to incredible teachers with rare levels of experience and yoga education. Rohan himself has taught 17 in-person TTCs, 6 online TTCs, and managed 13 other TTCs!

 We're not like those self-paced courses you'll find on the internet. With a TTC from MyYogaTeacher, you're not paying for a series of videos (that you can watch or not), a few live Q&A sessions (that you can attend or not), and booklets or packets (you can read or not).

With our Yoga Alliance certified TTC, you'll get:

 ✔️ 100% live instruction

✔️ A group chat with your teachers and classmates

✔️ A 150-page e-book

✔️ Recordings of each of your classes

✔️ A community setting that keeps you motivated and energized

 When you enroll in our Yoga Training Course, you’re not just saying yes to being a yoga instructor. Because some of you may not have that goal.

 You’re saying yes to YOU.

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