Yoga for Confidence: How Yoga Boosts Confidence and Decreases Self-Doubt



No matter who you are, how you look, what you’re capable of, you’ve surely experienced times of self-doubt or lack of confidence at some point in your life. You’re human

But when low self-esteem and self-confidence become a daily routine, it impacts every aspect of your life! Just like good vibes, positive energy, and positivity are contagious, so are negative vibes, negative energy, and negativity. Consistently feeling bad about yourself or doubting yourself bleeds over into other parts of your inner and outer world.

The benefits of yoga for self-confidence and self-esteem are almost too many to list here, but we can promise that you will experience a huge difference in how you feel about yourself after a yoga class!

If you’ve never experienced better mental health and the surge in confidence that comes from practicing yoga regularly, all of us here at MyYogaTeacher strongly encourage you to try yoga before leaning on conventional medicine, which can cause negative side effects.

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Read on to explore just a few of the ways yoga boosts confidence and reduces self-doubt!


Yoga increases self-awareness

One of the reasons self-care is so important is because it gives you time to reflect on your day, your week…your life. You can spend time considering who you are, who you want to be, and how to get there. How to grow as a human.

When you give yourself time to practice yoga, you create the time to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself!

Yoga boosts confidence by helping you become more self-aware. Being aware of the things you can’t change, accepting who you are (just the way you are), and letting go of the things that don’t serve you is very empowering. A regular yoga practice helps you learn what you’re capable of and what your limitations are so you can go out into the world with the confidence.


Yoga improves your level of fitness

Here at MyYogaTeacher, we believe that all bodies are yoga bodies. But we understand that at least some of everyone’s self-esteem stems from how they feel about their fitness level. Whether you feel physically strong and capable or whether you struggle to do any of the various forms of physical activity plays a huge role in how you feel about yourself.

A consistent yoga practice improves strength and flexibility and increases toning without being hard on sensitive joints, ligaments and tendons. Additionally, yogic breathing allows more oxygen to get to your muscles and increases circulation, which makes you feel and look better.

When you feel better about how your body looks and know that you’re making strides towards improving your fitness level, your self-confidence grows! And you may get an extra boost of self-esteem when you realize all the amazing poses your body is capable of!


Yoga promotes mental clarity

People are busy. We all tend to have a lot on our minds at all times. So much so that we often forget things, can’t concentrate, have trouble focusing, and generally feel disorganized and chaotic.

It’s like having a thousand tabs open on your computer at once! And feeling that way may lower your confidence levels significantly.

While we are responsible for the thoughts we think every day, it’s so easy for them to get out of control. Yoga helps you reel those thoughts in. It helps you clear your mind, refocus, and prioritize. A regular yoga practice teaches you to acknowledge thoughts as they come up and how to allow yourself to let go of the thoughts that don’t serve you.

Having a clear, focused mind means that you have mental space to make sound decisions that you will feel confident in. Just as importantly, you’ll feel the mental relief of “closing out tabs.”


Yoga improves posture

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? People who lack confidence often slouch and don’t carry themselves well. But slouching and proceeding through life with your head facing down doesn’t promote confidence either!

Just like the chicken and the egg, we’re not sure which comes first for people, bad posture or lack of confidence but we’re sure of one thing. Yoga improves posture, and better posture improves confidence.

Practicing yoga regularly also improves your spine health. It is one of the best activities to keep your spine healthy and aligned.

Making time for yoga builds confidence and self-esteem, but it also helps you live your healthiest, most radiant life. Feeling comfortable in your skin is important for your growth as a human and for being successful and happy.

If self-confidence and self-doubt are things you struggle with, we’d love to have you join our community at MyYogaTeacher! Our yoga teachers aren’t just yoga experts but often develop friendships with their students. They care deeply about the yogis they teach!

If you haven’t checked out our affordable 1:1 membership plans, you can sign up for your 2-week free trial and get a look at what’s available to you here!

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