It Takes Two! 10 Yoga Poses for Two People



Did you know that yoga means “union” in Sanskrit? Which means couples yoga is an excellent way to strengthen a relationship between two people. 

Whether it’s a couple of besties, kids, teenage lovebirds, coworkers, or a couple in a more intimate type of relationship, couples yoga is beneficial for both parties involved!

Yoga poses for 2 people not only require the couple involved to cooperate with each other, they require trust. Know what else couples yoga often involves? Laughter! Couples yoga doesn’t have to be serious. Quite the opposite, this form of yoga generally evokes a sense of lightheartedness and fun!

When a couple practices yoga poses for two, there may be some falling, stumbling, imbalance. There may be some mismatch of abilities and some awkwardness. And that’s all a part of connecting with that other person, building trust, and learning how to cooperate, compromise, and grow together.

We’ve curated a list of ten yoga poses for 2 below, but hope you’ll check out others in one of the many classes in the MyYogaTeacher community!

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1. Double-tree pose (beginner level)

An easy and fun yoga pose for two, double-tree pose is an adaptation from the traditional version. In this couples yoga pose, each partner balances on one leg while holding on to each other with one or both arms. Alternatively, they can each bring an open palm to the center to create prayer hands as seen in the picture below! 

Double-tree pose (beginner level)

2. Partner camel pose (intermediate level)

We’re showing you two versions of this yoga pose! Camel pose is great for building core strength, opening up the chest and heart chakra, and can help couples eventually advance to a backbend. To make it more beginner friendly, you and your partner can simply reach your arms above your head and grab each other’s hands.

Partner camel pose (intermediate level) Partner camel pose

3. Seated spinal twist for two (beginner level)

Spinal twists relieve lower back pain and tension, especially if you or your yoga partner sit for long periods of time during the day. This couples yoga pose is simple but builds the relationship through the connection of the back and light intertwining of the arms with your partner.

Seated spinal twist for two (beginner level)

4.Two person standing forward fold (beginner level)

Ahhhh. The sweet release of a standing forward fold! This fun yoga pose for 2 may bring about some laughter (since you’re coming face-to-face with your partner), but it’s great for lengthening the spine, stretching the hamstrings, and creates more stability in the pose. Plus, the interlocking of your arms with your partners adds traction for an even deeper stretch for those who are already fairly flexible! 

Two person standing forward fold can also be practiced with the legs together by reaching your arms around the outside of the thighs and clasping the upper portion of your partners arms.

Two person standing forward fold (beginner level)

5. Double chair pose (intermediate to advanced level)

Are you and your partner ready to build some trust 

and strength - in your partner and your body? Double chair pose requires you and your partner to communicate, balance, and compromise! You’ll also feel the burn as you use those quads and glutes!

Be sure to start in standing position, and spread your feet apart for more stability. Keep them together for more of a challenge, but make sure your partner is on board with that first!

Double chair pose (intermediate to advanced level)

6. Warrior 3 yoga pose for 2 (beginner to intermediate level)

If you and your partner are fairly comfortable with Warrior 1, 2, and 3 already, then this is a great easy option for you! Practicing warrior 3 with a partner means you can go deeper in the pose and hold it for longer. For those of you who are challenged by warrior 3, practicing with a partner will help you gain stability and strength so you can do it even better when you’re back on your own!

Warrior 3 yoga pose for 2 (beginner to intermediate level)

7. Double plank pose (advanced level)

This couples yoga pose is for people who already know how to hold a plank properly for at least 5-10 good breaths! Also, this pose is best done with two people who are approximately the same size or with the larger partner on the bottom. Once one partner is in plank position, the other partner starts from the side by placing their hands on their partner’s ankles. Then they can lift one foot at a time into place with the ball of their foot on the shoulder of their base.

Be prepared to laugh! This one may take a few tries to get it right.

Double plank pose (advanced level)

8. Couples backbend yoga pose (beginner level)

Similar to camel pose, just standing! Don’t let go of your partner, though, or someone might wind up on the floor. This yoga pose for two builds trust, connection, and can help develop the flexibility in your back muscles that are used for more advanced poses like full backbends.

Couples backbend yoga pose (beginner level)

9. Royal dancer for two (intermediate level)

For some yogis, this pose isn’t considered an easy pose. For others, it is! Whether you can easily and gracefully practice royal dancer pose or not, practicing it with a partner makes it easier. Trusting the stability of your partner in yoga poses for two people is imperative to success. 

If you don’t already know how to perform this pose, grab your free trial of MyYogaTeacher and ask one of our expert yoga instructors! You’ll be able to message them individually!

Royal dancer for two (intermediate level)

10. Double temple pose (beginner level)

This is another great chest opener that stretches the back muscles. And this pose doesn’t require you to have good balance or a lot of strength, perfect for beginners! Start by standing facing each other. Inhale and raise your arms above your head before touching palms and gently leaning into this nice couples pose.

Double temple pose (beginner level)

[image courtesy of The Yoga Nomad]

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