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We want your help with spreading our mission – to improve health and happiness across the world

One of the easiest ways you can do that is by telling your friends and family about yoga and all its benefits.

  • Know someone with back pain? Tell them about 1-on-1 yoga sessions

  • Know someone who is stressed, anxious, or depressed? Tell them about yoga and meditation

  • Know someone who wants to get in shape, build strength, or lose a few pounds? Tell them about 1-on-1 or group yoga sessions!

Yoga has helped millions of people across the world. 1-on-1 sessions and group classes with MyYogaTeacher have already changed thousands of people’s lives for the better

So to make telling your friends about MyYogaTeacher a lot more interesting this holiday season, we’ve created a giveaway contest for anyone who refers friends or family to MyYogaTeacher.

Giveaway Contest - prizes & dates

One grand-prize winner will get an all expense paid trip to Goa for two! (more on that below).

Ten other winners will get a top-of-the-line Manduka Yoga Mat ($129 value). Manduka yoga mats are extremely high quality; arguably the best yoga mats on the market.

The giveaway contest ends on Dec 15, 2022. The winners will be drawn then. The more entries you have, the more chances to win. Read more below to find out how to get more entries.

How to enter the giveaway contest

Use your personal share link to tell your friends and family about MyYogaTeacher (you can find your link here, on the “Tell a Friend” page when you're logged in)

You get 1 entry for each group class your friends take, and 3 entries for each 1-on-1 session.

Sessions during their free trial, or after they sign up for membership all count to give you more entries.

The more friends you invite, and the more sessions they take - the more chances you get to win the grand prize trip to Goa!

Grand Prize trip to Goa for Two

If you win the prize, you can use it anytime within the next 2 years. MyYogaTeacher will pay for 2 round trip tickets to India (up to $1,500 each). And five nights at the Zuri White Sands Resort (5-star resort), with all meals included.

MyYogaTeacher will also arrange your transportation to and from the Goa International airport and the resort. So no hassle for you!

If you'd like to visit friends or family while in India, MyYogaTeacher will not cover the additional costs. But we will work with you on getting tickets to and from India that make this possible for you.

Note: This is a marketing promotion to help spread the word about MyYogaTeacher. The goal is to bring in friends and family of our community, people who are also genuinely interested in yoga - who want to improve their fitness, health and/or mental health. And because this is a huge grand prize, we can only award it if we are able to bring in 100 or more members through this promotion. If less referred people become members, we won't be able to award the grand prize, and will only be able to award the 10 Manduka yoga mats. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Frequently Asked Questions

How are winners selected?

After Dec 15, 2022, the winners will be randomly selected from all entries into the giveaway. Each time your newly referred friends or family take sessions, you get more entries. So the more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning!

Where can I find my link to tell friends, so I can enter the giveaway?

To enter the giveaway, your friends (or family) must sign up using your unique referral link. You can find your link on the "Refer" page here. You must be logged in to access your link.

How many entries can I get?

There is no limit to the number of entries you can get.

Whenever you refer friends and they join sessions, you get more entries. For each group class they take, you get 1 entry. For each 1-on-1 session they take, you get 3 entries.

This applies to both free sessions in their trial, and sessions after they sign up for membership.

All sessions completed before the giveaway contest end date, Dec 15th, give you more entries.

What does my friend or family member get when they sign up using my referral link?

They get a 2-week free trial - unlimited group classes plus three free 1-on-1 sessions.

What about other rewards for telling friends someone?

This is an additional promotion. You will still get any other rewards for referrals.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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