We support Black Lives Matter



Dear myYogaTeacher community,

It feels like every month this year is more intense than the last. This morning I woke up, checked Facebook and immediately started crying.

Look, before you continue reading — this isn't a standard message from us, it's not a feature update, or a new class announcement.

This is about Black Lives Matter — supporting our brothers and sisters who need our help today!

I wrestled with sending you this message because mYT is a sanctuary. It's your safe space to unwind, let go of your day, and recharge.

I know for many of our students, your 1-hr class is the only time you get for yourself.

And I want to protect that. So please do not continue reading if you don't have the capacity to deal with this right now.

But if you do, if you want to help and want to know what we're doing to help — read on.

We're crushed by what's happening right now.

I won't speak for the rest of the team, I'll only speak for myself… I spent most of my life avoiding my feelings, especially difficult ones. Yoga and meditation gave me the inner strength I needed to face, hold, and be with the most painful things inside of me.

But today, I'm overwhelmed with sorrow.

I don't know what I can do, what I should do, and to top it off I'm not even sure if it's safe to go out in public and join the protests.

As a small community myYogaTeacher is supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. We don't want to force politics, social activism, or any additional stressors into your life.

But we want to do something!

So I'm reaching out to ask you what we — as one human family, as a community of yogis — can do.

What can mYT with 60+ yoga teachers, thousands of students, and a beautiful platform for sharing virtual teachings and classes… what can we do that will keep mYT your safe space and sanctuary while contributing to justice and equality for all?

What can we do that doesn't turn your time for rest, relaxation and self-care into a burden?

For starters, we are going to donate $10 of every new Membership to the Black Lives Matter movement. (This will start today and continue for the next month.)

But I really don't want to stop there. I want to do more, all of us on the team want to do more!

Having lived in yoga communities and at yoga and meditation retreat centers — we pray, we meditate, we believe that thoughts, energy and words can transform the world.

We also believe that true change starts with ourselves.

And we do not believe it ends with these intangibles. But activism is not our strength. Personal transformation, mindfulness, self-empowerment, self-awareness, and personal growth are our strengths.

Me (and I believe many on the team) are not fighters. We're every-day people who care.

So I've also proposed things like having our teachers lead group meditations on compassion, love, and insight. Meditations to focus on helping ourselves and all living beings let go of our fears and learn new depths of love.

Would group meditations like this interest you?

We've also considered sending you some of our favourite resources to deepen your understanding of the BLM movement and racial inequality today. Is this something you might like to learn more about?

My personal view is that I don't hate those who are full of fear, hate, and aggression. And I don't believe hate is the solution.

The Dalai Lama, in response to George Floyd's murder said,

"If we as human beings do not harm one another, but help one another, serve one another and be compassionate with one another, then we will have a peaceful world."

For me, these are words to live by...

In case you want to help save lives in the US right now, I've attached a few links at the bottom of this email. You can do a couple easy things right now (from your sofa) to make a real difference today!

Look, this isn't meant to be a one-way message. I know very few people will read this entire email. And even fewer will respond.

But I want to hear from you. I want your help and guidance on how we, as a small community of yogis, can help our brothers and sisters who are desperately seeking the justice, love, respect, and equality they deserve.

It's time to overcome hatred and fear. To live with love, care, and mutual support. We are one human family.

With Love, Sorrow, and Hope — your friend,


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