4 Reasons To Take a Yoga Teacher Training Course From Authentic Yoga Teachers



While we completely understand the modernization of yoga, here at MyYogaTeacher, we wholeheartedly believe in the power and therapeutic effects of the traditional yoga techniques originally taught in Eastern yoga!

And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with Western yoga, we’ve found that students from all over the country (and the world) really value the experience and expertise of our authentic yoga instructors from the birthplace of yoga, India.

With that in mind, many of you may be interested in becoming a yoga teacher yourself and not know how to choose the right yoga teacher training course to suit your needs. 

Or maybe you don’t want to become a yoga teacher but just have a desire to grow in your practice and enhance your life through yoga!

There are tons of yoga teacher training programs out there to choose from, but they don’t all do a thorough job.

This isn’t because the yogis who teach these courses are purposefully trying to “get one over” on their students (at least we hope not). It’s more so because they don’t have the experience, knowledge, and expertise that many authentic yoga teachers do!

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Now, onto why it’s important to choose your yoga teacher training course wisely, and how learning from authentic yoga teachers is vital to your success as a yogi or a yoga teacher!

1. Advance your yoga practice

While almost any yoga teacher training course (TTC) is going to almost force you – in a natural sort of way – to grow in your yoga practice, it won’t be in the same way as if you’re learning from a traditional yoga instructor.

The yoga classes you’ll take with a traditional yoga teacher in a TTC will be more strict, disciplined, and focused on building strength and perfecting (or attempting to perfect) your alignment.

How can you teach someone about these things if you haven’t mastered some of them yourself?

The counts to hold a pose will be long  and precise alignment will be taught and demonstrated. On the other side of that coin, you’ll also probably feel loved and supported, as traditional instructors truly do care about their students’ well-being, mental, physical, and emotional health.

The main difference when learning yoga poses from an authentic yoga teacher from India and one from the Western world is that the East has had a plethora of master yogis over the 5000 years yoga has existed there, while yoga was only introduced to the West about 100 years ago. Traditional yoga teachers from the East learned about the culture, history, and philosophy of yoga, not just the physical aspects.

And we’re not sure any of the Western teachers could be considered masters.

2. Experience a traditional view of success

The Western world’s view of success often has to do with the external. How we look, what possessions we have, the outside stimuli that makes us feel good.

Traditional yoga is much different! This ancient Eastern practice is focused on reaching spiritual enlightenment, becoming self-aware, being present. It’s about finding your peace from the inside out instead of the outside in. Oh, and this has nothing to do with religion as some people might have you to believe.

Whether you’re religious or not, anyone can practice yoga and experience the spiritual benefits the practice provides.

Having a traditional view of success as a yoga teacher will help you demonstrate and teach your students how to find their own true peace and contentedness. In turn, this change in mindset will help them grow in their yoga practice and accomplish their goals!

3. Learn a more comprehensive approach to teaching yoga

At the very basic level, taking a TTC with an authentic, traditional yoga instructor is going to make you more valuable to your own students!

Traditional yoga and yoga teaching often doesn’t begin with asanas (yoga poses) like Western yoga does. It may begin with breathing exercises, a meditation, or a life lesson. You also usually set an intention for your practice.

You’ll learn about morals, ethics, purity, and how to develop – and help your students develop – a strong, consistent commitment to a yoga practice. You’ll learn how to meditate and how to lead a meditation. Different yogic breathing techniques and how they help different groups of people.

And because you’re learning from a long line of tradition and culture, you’ll learn about the history of yoga, various yoga poses, how they help cure illnesses, boost immunity, and how yoga is an excellent companion to conventional medicine.

4. Expert yoga teachers create expert yogis

Who wouldn’t want to learn from the best?

If you wanted to be a doctor, you’d seek out the best colleges and universities that offer medical programs. If you wanted to be a professional athlete, you’d make sure you received top quality training from high end trainers.

Becoming a yoga teacher is no different. You don’t want to be mediocre. You want to provide your students with the highest quality yoga instruction and education as is humanly possible. Because you care about people!

You want them to experience the benefits of yoga that you have!

When you take a TTC course from authentic Eastern yoga instructors, you are immersed in the traditional world of yoga. 

Asanas (yoga poses) are only one of the traditional 8 yoga sutras you’ll probably learn about. The others are:

  1. Yama - deals with ethical standards and integrity
  2. Pranayama - regulation of breath
  3. Niyama - about leading a moral life and doing good in the world
  4. Pratyahara - focuses on spiritual development
  5. Dharana - holding consciousness in one state of being
  6. Dhyana - creating a pure mind
  7. Samadhi - the path to pure joy and enlightenment

These are terms you’ll likely become very familiar with when taking a traditional-focused TTC from authentic yoga teachers.

And completion of the course isn’t the end of your teacher training journey! You’ll have all the tools you need, the community and access to yoga experts, to continue moving forward. 

You’ll have what you need to become the expert!

Interested in getting more info on MyYogaTeacher’s TTC with our beloved-by-members yoga instructor, Rohan?

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 When you enroll in our Yoga Training Course Certification, you’re not just saying yes to being a yoga instructor. Because some of you may not have that goal.

 You’re saying yes to YOU.

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