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Our mission: Improve physical and mental well being of the entire planet

Our commitments to each other

1. Genuine care for our customers: Be nice and gentle with the customer. Listen to them before responding. Work on making every interaction a positive one for our customers. E.g. if a customer is not happy with a session and wants a refund - we should accept that they are not happy and give them a refund. E.g. The customer did not like a particular session, even though we think it was great - we should accept customers judgement and try and understand what we can do better to meet customer's expectations and not waste time trying to change the customer's judgement.

2. Have fun: We have fun while working. We celebrate our co-workers and celebrate every large and small victory with each other.

3. Respect for the each other: We respect each other as individuals. This means:

  • Professionalism: We respect and treat each other as professionals. We help everybody grow, train and develop in order to achieve their full potential.
  • Autonomy: Respect everybody's opinions and their ability to make decisions.
  • Individual worth: Everybody has inherent worth. We do not label or typecast. We give everybody a chance to grow.
  • Affirmation: We affirm positives in each person.

4. Frugality: We are frugal in terms of spending money. We do not splurge on things that do not have a direct impact on making customers happy. We are wise with spending our resources.

5. Hiring well: Hiring is a key function of the company. We focus, train and reward hiring well to ensure that we give hiring the utmost importance.

6. Encouraging risk-taking: We embrace failure as an important part of learning. We realize that big projects require iterations and in such cases, we don't let perfection be the enemy of getting started. If we learned something new by executing fast, taking risk and failing, we are growing. We need not be afraid of failure. Risk taking, executing fast and failing fast is far better. Failure to learn is the biggest negative outcome.

7. Understanding the value of time: We are focussed on moving fast as time is the ultimate limited resource. We are always trying to find ways to speed up learning and to reduce time for tasks by planning, collaborating and communicating better.

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