8 Benefits of Joining a Group Yoga Class Online




Did you know that more than 2 billion people around the world practice yoga? As you can imagine, with all of the people practicing yoga, the number of styles and classes keeps climbing. And, fortunately, so do the ways people can access a group yoga class with a live yoga instructor. At myYogaTeacher, we're proud to offer online yoga classes live all day, every day.

But can an online group yoga class really compete with an in-person group yoga class?


In fact, an online group yoga class can give you the benefits of an in-person group yoga class right from the comfort of your own home. Let's take a look at some of the benefits you'll enjoy in a group yoga class from myYogaTeacher.

Benefits of Group Yoga Classes

No matter whether you're looking for power yoga classes or to learn yoga online, a live, online group yoga class from MyYogaTeacher is everything you want from yoga—without the drive time, the anxiety of heading into a large group yoga class at a fancy studio, or the high cost of a drop-in class rate.

You can try myYogaTeacher right now for free. Just head over to MyYogaTeacher and sign up!

Not sure live online group yoga classes are right for you? Here are 8 benefits of group yoga classes from myYogaTeacher that will motivate you to log on.

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1. Meeting Like-Minded People

A group yoga class is one of the best ways to build community or Sangha. Yoga studios are great places to meet and forge friendships with like-minded people. Coming together in movement and breath gives online yoga students the chance to be intentional in their friendships, building their own community of people who share their values.

Practicing yoga in a group also builds synergy. When you bring together a group of people working towards a common goal, great things happen. You can find other people in your group yoga class who have the same goals and work together to make it happen.

2. Increasing the Energy

Group yoga classes bring people together through movement and breath, building shared energy that you just don't get when you're practicing alone. You log into your online yoga class as an individual but your log out as part of a thriving community.

Even in online yoga classes, you'll build energy through working together on poses or meditating and chanting as a group. This energy doesn't end with the end of class, either. Many myYogaTeacher students report that they carry the energy built during their live online yoga classes throughout their days and lives.

3. Building a Consistent Practice

Building a consistent yoga practice can be hard. It can be a lot harder if you don't have the support of a live yoga instructor and group yoga class. When you know that a group is expecting you to show up to class makes it so much easier to show up and keep showing up.

Consistency is one of the hardest things about building a yoga and meditation practice. If you just learn yoga online through YouTube videos, you're not going to have the benefit of a live yoga instructor and the vibrant energy of a group yoga class to keep you engaged and coming back for more.

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4. Increasing Confidence

Practicing yoga together makes it easier to improve your skills faster, increasing your confidence, and helping you stay more connected to your practice. In a group yoga class with a live yoga instructor, you'll have access to peers of all levels so you'll always have someone to help and someone to look up to.

5. Increasing Motivation

Group yoga classes are great for fostering a sense of friendly competition. No, not to "beat" other yogis. Instead, seeing other members of your group yoga class improving with every class will motivate you to move a little bit outside of your own comfort zone.

With myYogaTeacher, your live yoga instructor and classmates will be there to offer encouragement to help you deepen your practice. That means you'll be getting the benefit of increased motivation through friendly competition and a group that wants to help one another.

6. Improving Self-Care Hygiene

Self-care is an important part of a healthy life. Practicing yoga is a wonderful self-care activity but practicing alone at home can get boring. Some people turn to in-person yoga classes as an opportunity to get out of their normal surroundings and normal routine. But you can get that same benefit by logging into a group yoga class from MyYogaTeacher.

You can dedicate a room or space in your house to your yoga practice, making it feel like an oasis apart from your normal household space and routine. Then, you just need to log on to myYogaTeacher to join your group yoga class—no driving, no worrying about the clothes you're wearing, no stress.

7. Learning From One Another

Group yoga classes are a wonderful way to learn and grow in more than just yoga. In online yoga classes through myYogaTeacher, you'll have access to a live yoga instructor as well as your classmates to discuss your experiences and thoughts on yoga and its principles. It's one of the best ways to make progress towards your yoga goals.

Yoga aside, a group yoga class will help you better understand others and their experiences. It presents an amazing opportunity to celebrate what we have in common with our classmates as well as what makes us unique.

8. Finding the Right Fit

Group yoga classes can help you find the type of yoga that works for you. Maybe you know that you're looking for power yoga classes or want to use yoga in such a way as to support your other athletic pursuits. Group yoga classes can help you hone in on the best options.

Group yoga classes are also very beneficial if you're new to yoga and nervous about being the new kid in a large group of people who look like they were born in scorpion pose. With MyYogaTeacher, you'll find smaller group classes that will help you learn yoga online in a welcoming environment with other classmates who are there for the same reason.

If you have an injury, are recovering from one, or have a chronic illness, yoga can be incredibly helpful. But you don't want to just practice yoga from a YouTube video and risk making your injury worse. Your best bet, instead, is a group yoga class with a live yoga instructor who can help you through accommodations for your injury or illness.

Learn Yoga Online in a Live Group Yoga Class

As you can see, a group yoga class can help you learn and grow while enjoying and building on the group's energy. No matter what your goals are—adding yoga to your training, working through an injury or chronic illness, finding a deeper connection between your body and mind—myYogaTeacher has online yoga classes for you. Head over to myYogaTeacher right now and sign up to try it FREE.

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