Our New And Improved Group Class Platform!



Here's a quick walkthrough of our new GC interface

Exciting news! Our platform got an upgrade!

MyYogaTeacher is always evolving and innovating to make our service as user-friendly as possible. It’s incredibly important to us that everyone who wants to has access to high-quality yoga classes!

We have now upgraded our platform to make choosing your favorite group classes, teachers, class times, and class days easier to navigate and easier on your eyes! 

You now have:

  • Easy filters - categories at the top of the group class list that lets you filter by things like classes for seniors, gentle classes, classes that will make you sweat, etc.

  • Advanced filters - an easy way to find classes at a specific time, date, difficulty, etc

  • Tags that help you decide if a class will be a good fit for you.

  • A user-friendly search function for finding a specific class or teacher instantly

  • And the ability to do repeat weekly bookings, so your schedule is on autopilot!

It’s beautiful. Truly. And it makes scheduling your classes super simple! 

GC Interface _3.jpg

There are two ways to use filters on the new page! Click one of the newly designed filter icons on the bar across the top or use the advanced filter selections on the sidebar on the left hand side of the screen.

You’ll also notice new tags listed below each class! These tags are designed to give you an idea of how strenuous or not the class is in the categories of intensity, stretching, and relaxation. Use them to decide if a class may be too difficult or too easy for you that day!

Click on the class to join or book!

The new platform is designed to make it simple for you to not only join a class but see reviews of the class and teacher, and book your second or any subsequent classes! Check it out below!

Review .jpg next class 1 (1).jpg

It launched today so go on over there and check out all the fun new features that’ll make your yoga experience with us easier, more streamline, and just plain prettier!

Check out the new group class page here!

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