7 Reasons Working with a Personal Trainer is the Fastest Way to Reach Your Fitness Goals




If you want to lose weight, increase strength and flexibility, reduce your stress levels and sleep better - listen up!

This post will show you why working with a personal trainer is the fastest path to sustained results and reaching your health and fitness goals.

Before you invest money to work with a personal trainer, read this. Then, you'll be able to make a well-informed decision.

#7 You can work hard or you can work smart

When you kick your own butt at the gym - you're working hard. You sweat and you feel good after. But if you're not getting the results you want, it's probably because you're not doing the right exercises.

When you spend your exercise time with a personal trainer - you're working smart. Literally...

Your personal trainer has dedicated their life to learning maximum efficiency in exercise. They spend 8-hours a day helping people like you reach their goals.

Now I don't know about you, but I don't have time to learn the right way to do every single exercise.

I want to cut through the noise. I want to find out what is hype and what actually works. I want results. A personal trainer has the education and experience to help you get the results you want.

#6 You'll never get bored

When you work out on your own, you get bored fast! After a few days, weeks, or even months you find yourself doing the same routine again and again.

That's because your "work out vocabulary" is small. It's like trying to write poetry when you only know a few words. It's bland, boring and repetitive.

A personal trainer carries the Webster's Dictionary of "work out vocabulary". They have an exercise for every single body type, fitness level, and injury that needs healing. They have the right exercises to reach your specific goals.

So you'll never get bored because you get tons of variation. And every day will be different.

As an added bonus, you'll learn something new in every session. Which empowers you to take your health into your own hands!

#5 You Avoid Injury!

When lifting weights people fracture bones, tear ligaments, and strain muscles all the time. Even body weight exercises like yoga can lead to wrist pain, lower back pain, and hamstring tears!

Now this is only a risk if you over-train or use incorrect form.

With a personal trainer:

✔️ They make sure you are using the correct form so you don't get injured.

✔️ They make sure you're varying your exercises so you don't strain your body.

✔️ And they help you rest the areas that need to recover so you can reach peak performance.

#4 Every workout is Designed for your unique Body

Your trainer gets to know your body, your bone structure, your strengths and personality. All of this is important to your workout routine.

Did you know that each of us has a unique bone structure? That means my max flexibility will be different than yours. If you and I both do 10 years of yoga, stretch out every muscle to its healthy limit - we will still have different ranges of motion.

My hips and shoulders have a different structure than yours. So the bones themselves determine your ultimate flexibility.

Personal trainers know this and work with your body. (Instead of working against your body - like the person who bounces into their forward bend and eventually tears their hamstring.)

Even better, they know how to work with your previous injuries. They design exercise routines to help you recover.

And, if you have specific goals (like more strength vs. weight loss) they design your workouts to reach those goals fast. So you don't waste countless hours doing exercises that have nothing to do with what you want!

My friend Cheryl spent years running and running to lose weight, with almost no gains after the first month. That's because running does burn some calories but it mostly works with your lungs and heart. When she started using some light weights, strengthening and toning her muscles, her body became a calorie burning machine.

Now her metabolism has increased and her muscles (which aren't huge or bulky - she still looks really feminine), burn fat all day long.

#3 You actually show up for your exercise... consistently!

Consistency is the most important ingredient when working towards a goal. Whether you're trying to get fit, learn to play the piano, or move up in your career. You must put in consistent effort to get results.

But it's also where most of us fail. Sure we can go to the gym for a few weeks after New Year's Eve. We're hopped up on hope and hype.

Test this out. Go to the gym in the first few weeks of January, it's packed! ... but go again in February and it's back to normal.

When you work with a personal trainer you don't flake. You show up because you know she's counting on you...

When you show up for your trainer, you show up for yourself!

#2 You build a habit so it's not a chore

Consistently showing up builds your exercise habit.

The first month is a challenge. You're the most motivated but you're also breaking old habits and building new ones.

This is when you're most likely to revert back to "I'll go tomorrow" mentality. This is when you go from salads back to chips. From sweating at the gym back to Netflix on the sofa.

But with a trainer, you get consistency. You save yourself the whole start-and-stop cycle that kills people's results. And keeps them stuck for years.

You skip all that and go straight to the mature exercise habit. The exercise habit you see in your healthiest colleagues.

#1 You get the motivation you need to succeed

But the most powerful effect of working with a personal trainer... the one I saved for last...

This one is a fundamental factor in reaching your goals. It's the key to consistency. And it unlocks the door to your results...


If you're not motivated, you simply will not succeed at any difficult task.

Without motivation - you'll quit when you're tired. You'll give up when you look at the scale and you lost 1 lb instead of 10 lbs.

Now if you have motivation, you'll overcome every obstacle and challenge that gets in your way.

With motivation - it doesn't matter if you're tired. It doesn't matter if life is getting in the way - you make time and effort to reach the goal you set for yourself.

You lose the weight. You gain strength. You get healthy. You get happy. And nothing stops you from achieving that.

But you can't force yourself to be motivated when you're not. That doesn't work.

With a personal trainer - they help you stay motivated!

They are your cheerleader. And even when they're silent, you do your best. Their mere presence encourages you to try harder!

They help you:

✔️ stay motivated so reaching your goals is fun

✔️ create a consistent exercise habit so you stay healthy for decades

✔️ use correct form so you never get injured

✔️ give you variety so you don't get bored

✔️ create personalized yoga sessions just for you and where you're at today, so you can get started no matter how long you've been inactive

✔️ and they educate you so you're empowered to take your health into your own hands

This way, you get maximum results in minimum time.

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