Neck and Shoulder Yoga for Pain Relief : New 1-on-1 Series!



Announcing A New 1-on-1 Series!

We’re offering a new series of 1-on-1 classes! Our Neck and Shoulder Yoga for Pain Relief is designed to help you safely relieve pain and tension while advancing in your practice!  Within your 10-session journey, you’ll feel supported and guided by our expert yoga instructors. This series is a wonderful way to make use of your 1-on-1 sessions as a MyYogaTeacher member!

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or have never set foot on the mat, this series is tailored to all levels of experience! Discover something new and explore how this specialty 1-on-1 series can help you relieve and prevent neck and shoulder pain! 

Who Benefits Most from This Series?

This is a wonderful 1-on-1 yoga series for:

People looking for pain relief:

If you're dealing with constant neck or shoulder pain, this class is designed for you! It provides specific exercises to ease pain, focusing on issues caused by things like bad posture or lifestyle habits. You'll engage in specific yoga poses and healing methods that aim to relieve tension, lessen pain, and support the healing process in your neck and shoulders. 

If this is you, then Yogeesh may be the instructor you’re looking for! He specializes in pain relief!

Frozen Shoulder Sufferers:

For those with frozen shoulder issues, this series offers a supportive environment with gentle therapeutic exercises to unfreeze and strengthen affected areas, promoting gradual improvement and enhanced mobility.

You may want to check out Prabhat if you have frozen shoulder problems! He works with students on using therapeutic yoga exercises combined with breathwork to improve areas of illness or injury

Yogis looking to advance their practice:

For seasoned yogis seeking advancement, this class introduces challenges and intricacies in sequences to foster continuous growth. Explore advanced yoga poses to strengthen and refine your practice, gaining a deeper understanding of your body's capabilities.

Recha might be who you’re looking for if you’re simply looking to strengthen your neck and shoulders and get fitter and more flexible! She specializes in helping students advance in their practice!

People experiencing stress-related pain:

For those with stress-related neck and shoulder pain, this class integrates techniques for mental and physical relief. Mindful stress reduction is employed to release tension, fostering a holistic sense of well-being. Yogeesh, Recha, and Probhat are all wonderful instructors to choose for stress-related pain! 

What to Expect? Elevating Your 1-on-1 Experience Through Specialized Private Yoga Sessions for Neck and Shoulders

Join our 10-session program, led by experienced teachers, to transform the way you move and feel. They'll guide you through poses and exercises, making your daily life more comfortable and graceful. 

Learn more about each of the expert instructors below and pick the one you feel will meet your specific needs the best for this wonderful 1-on-1 series!

Neck and Shoulder Yoga for Pain Relief Teacher (1).jpg

Book With Recha HERE!

“Yoga with me is about building your strength, flexibility as well as getting that connection between your body and mind. Balance is the key to one's practice. Knowing when to push and when to slow down. You just need to roll out the mat and discover it for yourself.” - Recha

Book With Yogeesh HERE!

“I am a certified pregnancy yoga teacher. I am also certified in yoga therapy and kids yoga and have been teaching for 8+ years. With over 3000 hours of training, I have taught for many students with back and neck pain, as well as other health issues like obesity and stress.” - Yogeesh

Book With Prabhat HERE!

“I am an internationally trained Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher from India. I've been practicing yoga for the past seven years and teaching it professionally for the last five years. I am specialized in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Power yoga, Vinyasa and pranayama. I strive to make my classes accessible to students of all levels and abilities especially for beginners and intermediate practitioners.” - Prabhat

How each series works

This is the most exciting part! You have control of how you choose to participate in this 1-on-1 yoga series! Check it out:

➡️ How many sessions? 10 sessions,

➡️ Price? These sessions are included in your 1-on-1 membership plan at NO EXTRA COST!

➡️ Which teacher? Your yoga journey, your choice of guide! Discover your perfect teacher and book a session by clicking on their profile link above! You’re free to explore your series with any or all of our skilled yoga teachers listed.

Join us for this new, exciting yoga adventure and continue on your path to more physical, mental, and emotional health and harmony!

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