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Wabi Sabi: Embrace Life's Imperfections

Learn the principles 3 principles of Wabi Sabi philosophy - Imperfection, Impermanence and Incompleteness - through activities to foster acceptance of yourself, explore your creativity, and bring in mMore


Varsha Karamchandani (Teacher)


About Course

Learn the principles 3 principles of Wabi Sabi philosophy - Imperfection, Impermanence and IncompletMore

About Teacher

Varsha Karamchandani

What you will learn

Wabi Sabi is a philosophy based on 3 principles - 

1. Nothing is perfect - Imperfection

2. Nothing is finished - Incompleteness

3. Nothing Last forever- Impermanence

These principles are connected to a Buddhism philosophy of: 3 keys to life

1. Impermanence- Annicā

2. Suffering – Dukkha

3. Emptiness- shunyata

The sessions are curated to work upon the 3 principles on wabi sabi in the light of the 3 keys to life as per Buddhism. There will be activities and discussions that enable you to open yourself up to the unexplored possibilities of giving meaning to yourself and life. 

The sessions aim to explore the below - 

  • Understanding The 3 principles of wabi sabi Philosophy - which embraces imperfection, impermanence and incompleteness.
  •  Appreciation for Imperfection – learn to appreciate the beauty in imperfection and the natural cycles of change- growth and decay
  • Mindfulness practice- develop mindfulness techniques to be more present and aware.
  • Self-Acceptance – foster self acceptance and self love by embracing one’s own imperfections and uniqueness. Giving oneself space to make mistakes
  • Acceptance of Impermanence – the law of constant change
  • Releasing the past and future and finding joy and peace in the present
  • Less is More- Finding Joy and contentment by embracing simplicity and minimalism
  • Creativity Exploration- Using art and creative work to to explore our authentic selves

Who this is for:

 It is for anyone who wants to evolve and grow by accepting themselves the way they are. Not seeking perfection, but growth and progress.

Material Required:

  1. Session 1 : Pencil, eraser, pastel colors or color pencils or felt pens (any one of these)
  2. Session 2 : 
  3. A brush, black watercolor or acrylic paint, a craft paper or A4 sheet paper, water
  4. Notebook and a pen

Join us for this unique workshop to discover those parts of your that help you bring more connection to yourself, and bring out your authentic self!

Course schedule
(May 04 - 05 , 2024)

Sat, May 04

Session 1: On Impermanence

The 1st session will comprise of an Introduction to Wabi Sabi and its Principles. The session will have take a look at the 1st Principle - Impermanence - In Yoga & Buddhism, by delving into the follMore

time 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (2 hours)

Sun, May 05

Session 2: On Imperfection

We are constantly chasing the future and never in the present moment. "I am here but I want to be there." The following activities will help one understand the locus of their mind and the ability to aMore

time 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (2 hours)